DateTitle of talkConference
Dec 22, 2022On the growth of the monodromy matrix of a canonical systemChallenges in Spectral Theory of Differential Operators, Graz, Austria
Sep 9, 2022A trace class criterion and other spectral characterizations for canonical systemsIWOTA 2022, Kraków, Poland
Jul 8, 2022Growth of the fundamental solution of a canonical system and density of the eigenvaluesComplex Analysis, Spectral Theory and Approximation meet, Linz, Austria
Jun 28, 2022Quantitative formulae for the Weyl coefficient of
a canonical system
Operator Theory 28, Timișoara, Romania
Dec 20, 2019Theorem of Hermite-Biehler for matrix-valued entire functionsOperator Theory and Krein Spaces, Vienna, Austria
Feb 25 – Mar 1, 2019Matrix-valued Hermite-Biehler functions and a generalized interlacing property (Poster)Differential Operators on Graphs and Waveguides, Graz, Austria