About Me & My Projects

I am a researcher at the University of Vienna working on my PhD project in the area of Romance verb formation. I study verb formation both from a corpus-linguistic and an experimental perspective, using behavioral priming studies. Before embarking on my PhD journey, I obtained a double Master’s degree (Mag., Mag.) in linguistics and language teaching, completing my professional training for teaching French, Italian and English at a secondary level. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Romance Studies with a focus on Portuguese Linguistics and Cultural Studies.

In addition to my PhD project, I work on historical and contact-induced changes in the morphology of Romance languages. I also study Romance languages as Heritage Languages and how insights from linguistics can be extended to teaching foreign languages and linguistics.

My Research Interests

  • Morphology: word formation, language contact & word formation, historical variation and change in morphology
  • Psycholinguistics: morphological processing, (second) language acquisition, multilingualism
  • Language Teaching: Romance languages as heritage languages, multilingualism, feedback in language teaching

Languages: Italian, French, Portuguese