Curriculum Vitae

Professional Activities





Professional activities of Immanuel Bomze

President-elect of EURO

Editor of

European Journal of Operational Research (2011-2017)

Editor (Member of Editorial Board) of

Advances in Data Analysis and Classification,
Central European Journal of Operations Research,
European Journal of Operational Research,
Journal of Global Optimization,
Operations Research Perspectives,
Optimization Letters

Member of the Management Committee of the Trans-Domain COST Action for

Mathematical Optimization in the Decision Support Systems for Efficient and Robust Energy Networks (2015-2017)

Member of the Management Committee of the COST Action CA16228 GAMENET

European Network for Game Theory

Reporting Referee for the agencies

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy,
National Environment Research Council (NERC), U.K.,
National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S.A.,
Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO), The Netherlands,
German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF),
Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, China

and for the journals

Advances in Complex Systems,
Annals of Operations Research,
Biological Cybernetics,
Central European Journal of Operations Research (and Economics),
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory,
Computational Optimization and Applications,
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis,
Computer Vision and Image Understanding,
Discrete Applied Mathematics,
Discrete Optimization,
Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra,
European Journal of Operational Research,
European Journal of Political Economy,
Games and Economic Behaviour,
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks,
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing,
Il Nuovo Cimento B,
Information Sciences,
International Game Theory Review,
International Journal of Game Theory,
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization,
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics,
Journal of Econometrics,
Journal of Economic Theory,
Journal of Global Optimization,
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,
Journal of Mathematical Biology,
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications,
Linear Algebra and its Applications,
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research,
Mathematical Methods of Statistics,
Mathematical Programming,
Mathematical Social Sciences,
Mathematics of Operations Research,
Monatshefte für Mathematik,
Operational Research,
Optimization and Engineering,
Optimization Letters,
Optimization Methods and Software,
OR Spektrum - Quantitative Approaches in Management,
Pattern Recognition,
Proceedings of the Royal Society: Mathematical and Physical Sciences,
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics,
SIAM Journal on Optimization,
SIAM Review,
Statistics & Decisions,
Statistics & Probability Letters