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My Erdös number is 3 (via 1. A.Jagota, 2. M.Pelillo).

Published/accepted articles 1983-1990, 1991-1995, 1996-2000, 2001-2005, 2006-2010, 2011-2015, 2016-.

Reviews, surveys & encyclopedia entries, books

I. Refereed articles in journals and conference proceedings


107. First-order methods for the impatient: support identification in finite time with convergent Frank-Wolfe variants (I.M. Bomze, F. Rinaldi, S. Rota Bulò). To appear in: SIAM Journal on Optimization (2019).

106. A Hessian barrier algorithm for linearly constrained optimization problems
(I.M. Bomze, P. Mertikopoulos, W. Schachinger, M. Staudigl).
To appear in: SIAM Journal on Optimization (2019).

105. Notoriously hard (mixed-)binary QPs: empirical evidence on new completely positive approaches (I.M. Bomze, J. Cheng, P.J.C. Dickinson, A. Lisser, J. Liu).
Computational Management Science, 1-27 (2018).
doi.org/10.1007/s10287-018-0337-6 (26 Nov 2018)

104. Pure infection–immunization dynamics for partnership games: A correction
(I.M. Bomze, F. Rinaldi, S. Rota Bulò). Games and Economic Behaviour 114, 315-317 (2019).
doi.org/10.1016/j.geb.2018.09.004 (19 Sept 2018)

103. On minimal Hölder gaps and Shannon entropy balance (I.M. Bomze).
Portugaliae Mathematica 75 (1), 1-10 (2018).
doi.org/10.4171/PM/2009 (30 April 2018)

102. Extended trust-region problems with one or two balls: exact copositive and Lagrangian relaxations (I.M. Bomze, V. Jeyakumar, G. Li). J. Global Optimization 71 (3), 551-569 (2018).
doi.org/10.1007/s10898-018-0607-4 (24 Jan 2018)

101. Building a completely positive factorization (I.M. Bomze).
Central Eur. J. Oper. Res. 26 (2), 287-305 (2018).
doi.org/10.1007/s10100-017-0499-2 (15 Nov 2017)

100. The complexity of simple models - a study of worst and typical hard cases for the Standard Quadratic Optimization Problem (I.M. Bomze, W. Schachinger, R. Ullrich).
Mathematics of Operations Research 43 (2), 651-674 (2018).
doi.org/10.1287/moor.2017.0877 (03 Oct 2017)

99. Robust spherical separation (A. Astorino, I.M. Bomze, A. Fuduli, M. Gaudioso).
Optimization 66 (6), 925-938 (2017).

98. A fresh CP look at mixed-binary QPs: new formulations and relaxations
(I.M. Bomze, J. Chen, P.J.C. Dickinson, A. Lisser). Math. Programming 166 (1-2), 159-184 (2017).

97. Copositivity for second-order optimality conditions in general smooth optimization problems (I. Bomze). Optimization 65 (4), 779-795 (2016).


96. Copositive relaxation beats Lagrangian dual bounds in quadratically and linearly constrained QPs (I. Bomze). SIAM J. Optimization 25 (3), 1249–1275 (2015).

95. The structure of completely positive matrices according to their CP-rank and CP-plus-rank
(I. Bomze, P.J.C. Dickinson, G. Still). Linear Algebra and its Applications 482, 191-206 (2015).

94. Copositivity-based approximations for mixed-integer fractional quadratic optimization
(P.A. Amaral, I.M. Bomze). Pacific Journal of Optimization 11 (2), 225-238 (2015).

93. Narrowing the difficulty gap for the Celis-Dennis-Tapia problem
(I. Bomze, M. Overton). Math. Programming 151 (2), 459-476 (2015).

92. New lower bounds and asymptotics for the cp-rank
(I. Bomze, W. Schachinger, R. Ullrich).
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 36 (1), 20-37 (2015).

91. New results on the cp rank and related properties of co(mpletely )positive matrices
(N. Shaked-Monderer, A. Berman, I. Bomze, F. Jarre, W. Schachinger).
Linear and Multilinear Algebra 63 (2), 384-396 (2015).

90. From seven to eleven: completely positive matrices with high cp-rank
(I.M. Bomze, W. Schachinger, R. Ullrich).
Linear Algebra and its Applications 459, 208-221 (2014).

89. Rounding on the standard simplex: regular grids for global optimization
(I. Bomze, S. Gollowitzer, E.A. Yildirim).
J. Global Optimization 59 (2-3), 243-258 (2014) Best paper award.

88. Copositivity and constrained fractional quadratic problems
(P. Amaral, I. Bomze, J. Judice). Mathematical Programming 146, 325-350 (2014).

87. Constraint Selection in a Build-Up Interior-Point Cutting-Plane Method for Solving Relaxations of the Stable-Set Problem (A. Engau, M.F. Anjos, I. Bomze).
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 78, 35-59 (2013).

86. On the cp-rank and minimal cp factorizations of a completely positive matrix
(N. Shaked-Monderer, I. Bomze, F. Jarre, W. Schachinger).
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications 34, 355–368 (2013).

85. Copositivity detection by difference-of-convex decomposition and ω-subdivision
(I. Bomze, G. Eichfelder). Math. Programming 138, 365-400 (2013).

84. Two spherical separation procedures via non-smooth convex optimization
(A. Astorino, I.M. Bomze, M.P. Brito, M. Gaudioso). In: V. de Simone, D. di Serafino, and G. Toraldo (eds.), Recent advances in nonlinear optimization and equilibrium problems: a tribute to Marco D'Apuzzo, Quaderni di Matematica, Dipartimento di Matematica, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Vol. 27, Aracne, ISBN 978-88-548-5687-5 (2012).

83. Unconstrained formulation of standard quadratic optimization problems
(I. Bomze, L. Grippo, L. Palagi). TOP 20, 35-51 (2012).

82. Separable standard quadratic optimization problems
(I. Bomze, M. Locatelli). Optimization Letters 6, 857-866 (2012).

81. Standard bi-quadratic optimization problems and unconstrained polynomial reformulations
(I. Bomze, Ch. Ling, L. Qi, X. Zhang). Journal of Global Optimization 52, 663–687 (2012).

80. Think co(mpletely)positive ! Matrix properties, examples and a clustered bibliography on copositive optimization (I. Bomze, W. Schachinger, G. Uchida).
Journal of Global Optimization 52 (Special issue in memory of Professor Reiner Horst), 423-445 (2012).

79. Copositive optimization - recent developments and applications (I. Bomze).
European Journal of Operational Research 216, 509-520 (2012).

78. A first-order interior-point method for linearly constrained smooth optimization
(P. Tseng, I. Bomze, W. Schachinger). Mathematical Programming 127, 399-424 (2011).

77. Quadratic factorization heuristics for copositive programming
(I. Bomze, F. Jarre, F. Rendl). Mathematical Programming Computation 3, 37-57 (2011).

76. Graph-Based Quadratic Optimization: A Fast Evolutionary Approach (S. Rota-Bulò, M. Pelillo, I. Bomze). Computer Vision and Image Understanding 115, 984-995 (2011).

75. Infection and immunization: a new class of evolutionary game dynamics
(S. Rota-Bulò, I. Bomze). Games and Economic Behavior 71
(special issue in honor of J.F.Nash, jr.), 193-211 (2011).


74. Solving two-stage stochastic Steiner tree problems by two-stage branch-and-cut.
(I. Bomze, M. Chimani, M. Jünger, I. Ljubic, P. Mutzel, B. Zey ). In:  O. Cheong, K.-Y. Chwa, and K. Park (eds.), ISAAC 2010, Part I, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6506, pp. 427-439. Springer, Heidelberg (2010).

73. Fast population game dynamics for dominant sets and other quadratic optimization problems
(S. Rota-Bulò, M. Pelillo, I. Bomze). In:  E.R. Hancock, R.C. Wilson, T. Windeatt, I. Ulusoy, and F. Escolano (eds.), Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition, SSPR&SPR 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6218, pp. 275-285. Springer, Heidelberg (2010).

72. Necessary conditions for local optimality in difference-of-convex  programming
( I. Bomze, C. Lemaréchal). J. Convex Analysis 17, 673-680 (2010).

71. A note on Burer's copositive representation of mixed-binary QPs (I. Bomze, F. Jarre).
Optimization Letters 4, 465-472 (2010).

70. Gap, cosum, and product properties of the $\theta'$ bound on the clique number
(I. Bomze, F. Frommlet, M. Locatelli). Optimization 59, 1041-1051 (2010).

69. Copositivity cuts for improving SDP bounds on the clique number
(I. Bomze, F. Frommlet, M. Locatelli). Mathematical Programming 124, 13-32 (2010).

68. Multi-Standard Quadratic optimization problems: interior point methods and cone programming reformulation (I. Bomze, W. Schachinger).
Computational Optimization and Applications 45, 237-256 (2010).

67. A conic duality Frank-Wolfe type theorem via exact penalization in
quadratic optimization (W. Schachinger, I. Bomze). Mathematics of Operations Research 34, 83-91 (2009).

66. A new approach to exact crossing minimization (M. Chimani, P. Mutzel, I. Bomze). In: D. Halperin, K. Mehlhorn (eds.), Algorithms ESA 2008, pp. 284--296.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science  5193, Springer, Berlin (2008).

65. One-third rules with equality: second-order evolutionary stability conditions in finite populations (I. Bomze, C. Pawlowitsch). J. theo. Biol. 254, 616-620 (2008).

64. Perron-Frobenius property of copositive matrices, and a block copositivity criterion
(I. Bomze). Linear Algebra and its Applications 429,  68-71 (2008).

63. New and old bounds for standard quadratic optimization:
dominance, equivalence and incomparability (I. Bomze, M. Locatelli, F. Tardella).
Math. Programming 115, 31-64 (2008).

62. New results for molecular formation under pairwise potential minimization
(W. Schachinger, B. Addis, I. Bomze, F. Schoen).
Computational Optimization and Applications 38, 329-349 (2007).

61. Improved SDP bounds for minimizing quadratic functions over the l¹-ball
(I. Bomze, F. Frommlet, M. Rubey). Optimization Letters 1, 49-59 (2007).

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60. Quartic formulation of standard quadratic optimization problems (I. Bomze, L. Palagi).
Journal of Global Optimization 32, 181 - 205 (2005).

59. Portfolio selection via replicator dynamics and projections of indefinite estimated covariances. (I. Bomze). Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete and Impulsive Systems B 12, 527-564 (2005).

58. Optimization of functions with rank-two variation over a box (I. Bomze).
European Journal of Operational Research 161, 598-617 (2005).

57. The combinatorics of pivoting for the maximum weight clique (M. Locatelli, I. Bomze, M. Pelillo). Operations Research Letters 32, 523-529 (2004).

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solving the maximum clique problem (M. Pelillo, I. Bomze).
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32. Stationary distributions under mutation-selection balance: structure and properties
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31. Evolutionary stability is not a foolish game.
Central Eur. J. O.R.Econ. 4, 26-56 (1996).

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30. Does neutral stability imply Lyapunov stability? (I. Bomze, J. Weibull).
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29. Estimating qualification in a self-evaluating group (W. Gutjahr, I. Bomze).
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II. Reviews, surveys & encyclopedia entries

8. Forty years of the European Journal of Operational Research: A bibliometric overview
(S. Laengle, J.M. Merigó, J. Miranda, R. Słowiński, I. Bomze, E. Borgonovo, R.G. Dyson,
J.F. Oliveira, R. Teunter
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2. The maximum clique problem (I. Bomze, M. Budinich, P. Pardalos, M. Pelillo),
In: D.-Z. Du, P.M. Pardalos (eds.),
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1. The L-space of a statistical experiment.
In: M. Hazewinkel (ed.), Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Supplementary
Vol. 1, pp. 345-346. Kluwer, Dordrecht (1997).

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III. Books

5. Nonlinear Optimization (I. Bomze, V. Demyanov, R. Fletcher, T. Terlaky, I. Pólik;
editors: G. Di Pillo, F. Schoen
). Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1989.
Springer, New York (2010).

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1. Game theoretic foundations of evolutionary stability
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