Rolling Stock

There are four main types of rolling stock in service:

Lines U1, 2, 3 and 4 use standard U, U2 and U11 stock. These trains are operated automatically using the LZB system; they collect the current (750V DC) from a third rail. Line U6 uses light rail stock of the E6/c6 and T/T1 types with overhead current collection and optic signalling.

Photo (C) Bombardier
Typ T
Photo (C) Wiener Linien
Typ U

Overview of trains in passenger service

Type in service Notes
N/n/n1 1925-1962 based on M/m tram stock
N1/n2 1954-1983 rebuilt from N/n1 stock
U 1976-2017  
E6/c6 1980- based on E2/c5 tram stock
U1 1987- design based on U stock, prototypes (2201/3201-2209/3209)
U11 1989- serial production of U1 stock
T 1994- low floor light rail stock for line U6
U2 2000- refurbished U stock
V/v 2000- new six-car train
T1 2008- based on T stock

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