Facts and Figures

Opened: 1898; electrified 1925, modernised 1976 onw.
Length of route (2015): 52.31miles / 83.7km total
Gauge: 1.435m
Voltage: 750V DC
Number of stations (2017): 109
Number of coaches (2015): 770
Passengers p/a (2015): 440 million
Train intervals: Regular traffic: all lines: 5mins
Peak hours: U1: 2-4mins; U2: 5mins; U3,U4: 3-4mins; U6: 2-3mins
Evenings: all lines: 7-8mins
Maximum speed: 50 mph / 80 kph
Average travel speed: 20.3 mph / 32.5 kph
Longest journey without change: Floridsdorf to Siebenhirten (U6),
10.75miles / 17.4km, travel time 36mins.
Longest continuous tunnel: Hintermayergasse to Spetterbrücke (U3),
5.87miles / 9.39km
Average distance between adjacent stations by rail: 0.481miles / 0.771km
Longest distance between adjacent stations by rail: Heiligenstadt to Spittelau (U4),
0.99miles / 1.59km
Shortest distance between adjacent stations by rail: Museumsquartier to Volkstheater (U2),
0.21miles / 0.34km
Highest point: Ottakring (U3), 227 metres above sea level.
Deepest point: Schwedenplatz (U1), 142 metres above sea level
Greatest elevation from ground level: Spittelau (U6), +13.6 metres
Maximum depth below ground level: Altes Landgut (U1), -30 metres
Deepest lift: Westbahnhof (U3), to Gerstnerstrasse, 22.25 metres
Longest escalator: Zippererstrasse (U3), vertical rise 17.7 metres, length 53 metres
Station with the most escalators: Karlsplatz (U1, U2, U4), 26

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