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Anchovies with skordalia

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anchovies with skordalia

Simple and delicious.

The recipe:


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Summary for English readers: If you want to be really strong, you don't want to be strong like a bear or like an elephant. You want to be as strong as a duck.
Stark wie ein Bär? Oder wie ein Elefant? Von wegen. Das wirklich stärkste Tier von allen, das weiß man doch, ist die Ente.


Potato goulash

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Lately, I've become somewhat addicted to potato goulash. I've loved the dish for a long time (had it a lot when I was a child), but my own attempts at cooking it never totally satisfied me. Then I had a look at the Plachutta/Wagner cookbook [English edition] [German edition] (very much recommended if you want to dive into Austrian cuisine!), and it prompted me to change three things about my recipe. The result turned out to be perfectly delicious.

In case you were wondering: yes, the picture accurately represents the actual colour of the meal.

Here is the recipe:

Bibimbap, or The art of visual frustration

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I guess the Korean dish Bibimbap must be one of the visually most frustrating foods in existence. Essentially, what you do is cook rice, sauté some vegetables, stir fry some meat and then arrange everything in a bowl.

Immediately after serving, Bibimbap looks something like this:


However, immediately before eating, Bibimbap looks like this:

Dietary recommendation

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If you are in Munich and are trying to lose weight, you should probably not enter this restaurant.


(Further investigation has revealed that the name of the restaurant is not a warning for weight-conscious customers, but instead the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese letters below, which read "Wan Fa Jiulou", meaning "restaurant of the ten-thousand accomplishments" or "restaurant of infinite riches". - Thx to the colleagues from the East Asian Studies Library and @kattebelletje on Twitter)

Greek eggplant salad (Melitzanosalata)

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I've come a step closer to finding out why so few Greek restaurants in Vienna have eggplant salad on the menu, and why, if they do, it's usually not cheap: Three eggplants and 80 minutes' work don't even fill a small tupperware container. However, the result is so yummy that you may want to give it a try.


Here's the recipe:


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Germanwings calls this a "Happy Picnic". It didn't make me particularly happy. It also didn't include any kind of toy. Nor was there any meadow or even lawn nearby. The bread was kind of stale. The passengers who had forgotten to print out the letter-sized voucher didn't get one.

Unser täglich Gift

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Summary for English readers: The TV station ARTE recently broadcast a documentary on food additives, pesticides and chemical residue in our food. It suggests that the authorities are acting in the interests of the chemical industry rather than the citizens, and that illnesses such as Parkinson, Alzheimer's, diabetes and immune system deficiencies can be traced back to our food. The video (in German) can be watched here for the next 7 days or so.

ARTE hat kürzlich eine Dokumentation von Marie Monique Robin gesendet, in der diese Nahrungsmittelzusätzen und den entsprechenden Genehmigungsverfahren auf die Spur geht. Parkinson, Alzheimer, Immunschwächekrankheiten sowie Diabetes und Fortpflanzungsstörungen nehmen seit 30 Jahren in unserem Teil der Welt stetig zu, während Länder ohne industrielle Nahrungsmittelerzeugung davon quasi verschont sind. Die erlaubten Tagesdosen von Pestiziden und Farbstoffen sind quasi willkürlich festgelegt, die Studien, die deren Harmlosigkeit beweisen, fast durchgehend von den Chemiekonzernen finanziert, die diese Produkte herstellen. Der Süßstoff Aspartam ist aufgrund der selben Studie heute zugelassen, aufgrund der er bis 1987 verboten war.

Das Video kann derzeit hier in voller Länge angesehen werden (gilt voraussichtlich 7 Tage):


Now that puts my mind at ease

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How very reassuring that they're not using any fake ingredients for this. Or virtual ingredients. Or whatever other frightening non-real substances there might be.

Discomfort food

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It's bad enough when you feel that your food is looking at you, but the idea of chickens winking is just eerie and, quite frankly, not something I would pay for.