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Germanwings calls this a "Happy Picnic". It didn't make me particularly happy. It also didn't include any kind of toy. Nor was there any meadow or even lawn nearby. The bread was kind of stale. The passengers who had forgotten to print out the letter-sized voucher didn't get one.


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One of many indicators of the sad state of Austrian politics: Conservative MEP Ernst Strasser is filmed by Sunday Times reporters accepting money for legislation:

Here's one of the resulting attempts at comic relief:

Still, nauseating sleaze and desperate humour aside, what's similarly disturbing is that Strasser would have gone free if he had acted as an Austrian MP instead of an an MEP. Contrary to EU law, Austrian law allows lobbyism in parliament, and accepting money for legislation is perfectly legal. I guess this explains several political decisions, and it turns politics into a farce that is losing the people's confidence with good reason.

Zweifelhafte Getränke

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Summary for English readers: A sign at a restaurant offering home-made "beer". Whatever is in it, somehow this doesn't sound too tantalizing.

Soll ich dieses sogenannte "Bier" probieren oder nicht? Kommt wohl drauf an, was es wirklich für ein Getränk ist...

Too extreme

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On my recent trip to Belgium, I came across "Mort Subite Xtreme", a kriek beer (spontaneously fermented beer of the Lambic family with cherries added during fermentation) that sparked my interest. Mort Subite ("sudden death", named after a game of dice, not after what happens when you drink it) is generally regarded as one of the better breweries making fruit beers and their regular kriek is pleasantly drinkable and generally gets good, if not rave reviews.

I wasn't really sure what to make of the "Xtreme" moniker. I had hoped that it meant extreme as in more like a traditional lambic, i.e. on the sour or even tart side, like the "oude kriek" varieties offered by some breweries.

Pouring it into the glass, it was remarkably red, with a nice pink foamy head. The taste was, however, the opposite of what I had hoped for: rather sweet, no sour note at all, and a very strong, in fact extreme, taste of cherries -- really too much, as far as I'm concerned. The "Xtreme" part obviously refers to the cherry taste rather than the lambic style.

At 4.3% alcohol and tasting like cherry juice, this is a dangerous drink -- both in terms of getting drunk too easily and in terms of upsetting your stomach. Use with caution.