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Beim Laden mit der Maus

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Summary for English readers: The "Mouse show" is a popular German children's programme that has been broadcast since the 1970s. A shop in Cologne sells tons of merchandise. In the background: Cologne cathedral.

In Köln konnte ich natürlich nicht umhin, den Maus-Devotionalienshop in der Breiten Straße zu besuchen und herauszufinden, ob es da irgendwelche netten Dinge gibt. Leider waren die Preise etwas happiger als erwartet.

The wise robot will answer your question now

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panel from the Wise Robot cartoon by Tom Gauld

While I am trying to recover from something flu-like a nasty tonsilitis that is confining me to bed, unable to think of something clever to blog about, here is one more Tom Gauld cartoon, this one especially for Ralf: a panel from The Wise Robot Will Answer Your Question Now.

I wish we had one of these at the reference desk for the really tricky questions. I should probably try to persuade the head librarian to order one of them along with the robo-shushers.

More of the wise robot's answers are available until August 31st from a vending machine in the Kabinettpassage in Vienna's MuseumsQuartier for €2.

Innovations at the British Library

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Having heard about these fantastic innovations, we're eager to follow the British Library's example and also introduce them here at The Library:

Innovations at the British Library, a cartoon by Tom Gauld

More fantastic cartoons by Tom Gauld can be found at Cabanon Press.