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Blödes Orchester

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Using over 200 electric kitchen appliances, the German artist and composer Michael Petermann has built a symphonic orchestra of sorts (the name means "stupid orchestra" due to the "musicians'" limited abilities), which is currently on display at the MKG Hamburg.


The orchestra consists largely of design classics built between 1912 and 1975, including the Braun Aromaster, a coal-fuelled Miele washing machine from 1955, Sixtant razors from three decades and Goertz's famous Starmix mixers, all of which Petermann bought at flea markets and through ebay. For the exhibition, Petermann composed a 30-minute piece, which is relayed to the appliances through a midi interface. The result is a unique and very humourous  sonic experience, a 3-minute excerpt of which can be seen here:

Here's an interview with the composer (in German):

On display at the Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe until 30 April 2011.

Further information on the artist's website.

Safety first

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I believe that these are valid questions

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People of all countries, who washes your socks? / What is the work of love today?

Urban typography

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The graphic artist Martin Ulrich Kehrer spent three years taking pictures of letters and lettering on Viennese shop fronts, thereby creating a documentation of well over 2500 examples of urban typography from all 23 districts of Vienna. A small selection of these is currently shown in an exhibition at the Wienmuseum Karlsplatz, along with 26 concrete blocks showing individual letters from selected typefaces.

Kehrer describes the purpose of his project as twofold: on the one hand, to document obsolete typefaces, some of which have survived only in traces or fragments, and on the other, to point out changes in formal and material aspects of original typography (i.e. not the cheap, uniform, globalized kind used by multinational chain stores) over several decades.

kehrer.jpgAbout 200 of Kehrer's photographs were recently published in a book entitled Stadtalphabet Wien, which largely focuses on examples from the 1950s through the 1970s. The book is available from

Martin Ulrich Kehrer: Stadtalphabet Wien. Wien: Sonderzahl-Verlag, 2009. ISBN 978-3-85449-300-6. € 18.

Cover Art

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Ralf has created fictitious book covers for the sci-fi novels of the "Raumpatrouille" series based on his thoughts on what they could have looked like in the aesthetics of the time without using images from the TV series. The result is beautiful to say the least, a mock-1960s design that is classy and spot-on. Go and have a look.