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They're back

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...and this time they're in for serious business.

(See also last year's entry in case you missed it)

Rabbit opticians

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Summary for English readers: If you want to be really strong, you don't want to be strong like a bear or like an elephant. You want to be as strong as a duck.
Stark wie ein Bär? Oder wie ein Elefant? Von wegen. Das wirklich stärkste Tier von allen, das weiß man doch, ist die Ente.


Ich wars nicht!

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Summary for English readers: Yes, I was in Hamburg on that day, but I want to make it clear that I'm perfectly innocent.
Ich war zwar an dem Tag in Hamburg, aber ich möchte festhalten, dass ich mit dieser Sache nichts zu tun hatte.


Easter is approaching

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And the children's wear shop next door is trying to kill me with cuteness.

Beim Laden mit der Maus

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Summary for English readers: The "Mouse show" is a popular German children's programme that has been broadcast since the 1970s. A shop in Cologne sells tons of merchandise. In the background: Cologne cathedral.

In Köln konnte ich natürlich nicht umhin, den Maus-Devotionalienshop in der Breiten Straße zu besuchen und herauszufinden, ob es da irgendwelche netten Dinge gibt. Leider waren die Preise etwas happiger als erwartet.

Discomfort food

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It's bad enough when you feel that your food is looking at you, but the idea of chickens winking is just eerie and, quite frankly, not something I would pay for.


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I rescued a sparrow today. I had entered a bakery to buy something to eat, only to find a shop assistant and two women with their eyes wide open, telling me something about a bird.

I didn't immediately get what they meant, but when I looked where they pointed, I saw a sparrow, which had somehow found its way into the bakery and was now trying to fly out through the window pane, which was of course hopeless.

I think the sparrow didn't realise it was being saved, because as soon as I had caught it, it screamed as I have never heard a sparrow scream. It was obviously panicking, fearing for its life. I carried it out the door as quickly as I could and released it. It flew away instantly.

I know nothing about the mental capacity of sparrows, but I do hope it somehow understood that I had been trying to help. I couldn't quite forget the poor bird's screams, and my hands shook for about five minutes, as if they had absorbed some of the bird's fear.

The beetle has landed

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I take this as a good sign, not as one of potential aphid infestation.


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Bild034.jpgThere are what must be millions of sciarids (fungus gnats) living in my plants' flower pots, most of them in my dracaena's pot, but it looks as if they are now also spreading to my chili plant pots.

I have been using yellow sticky boards with good success, catching thousands of them (see picture of last week's catch), but there seem to be more and more of them flying around, to an extent where I am afraid they might be taking over my living room.

Clearly, something needs to be done about them. 

Throwing out the dracaena seems unnecessarily harsh. Insecticide would be an option, but as I would like to be able to eat my chilies, I am hesitant to use it. When looking out for biological alternatives, I came across a local shop that sells nematodes (roundworms), which apparently eat sciarid larvae. The shop sells them in handy packages of 5 million, 10 million or 50 million worms at fairly reasonable prices of €12, €21.60 or €48 respectively.

Me, the master of 50 million worms? I am tempted.