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Summary for English readers: If you want to be really strong, you don't want to be strong like a bear or like an elephant. You want to be as strong as a duck.
Stark wie ein Bär? Oder wie ein Elefant? Von wegen. Das wirklich stärkste Tier von allen, das weiß man doch, ist die Ente.


Ich wars nicht!

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Summary for English readers: Yes, I was in Hamburg on that day, but I want to make it clear that I'm perfectly innocent.
Ich war zwar an dem Tag in Hamburg, aber ich möchte festhalten, dass ich mit dieser Sache nichts zu tun hatte.


Potato goulash

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Lately, I've become somewhat addicted to potato goulash. I've loved the dish for a long time (had it a lot when I was a child), but my own attempts at cooking it never totally satisfied me. Then I had a look at the Plachutta/Wagner cookbook [English edition] [German edition] (very much recommended if you want to dive into Austrian cuisine!), and it prompted me to change three things about my recipe. The result turned out to be perfectly delicious.

In case you were wondering: yes, the picture accurately represents the actual colour of the meal.

Here is the recipe: