The Inscription of Silko, King of the Noubades

at the pronaos wall of Talmis temple (Kalâbsha)

“Nobatia was likely founded by the Nobatae, who had been invited into the region from the Egyptian desert by the Roman Emperor Diocletian to help defeat the Blemmyes in AD 297. Early Nobatia is quite likely the same civilization that is known to archeologists as the Ballana culture. Eventually the Nobatae were successful, and an inscription by Silko, "Basiliskos" of the Nobatae, claims to have driven the Blemmyes into the eastern deserts. Around this time the Nobatian capital was established at Pakhoras, modern Faras; soon after, Nobatia converted to Oriental Orthodox Christianity.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobatia)


The last 7 lines of the inscription (photo D. Stefanović):

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