Harold C. Steinacker, Ph.D.

Lecturer and principal investigator, Universität Wien

Fakultät für Physik
Universität Wien 
Boltzmanngasse 5
A-1090 Wien, Austria

Email: harold.steinacker at univie.ac.at

Phone: +43 1 4277 51526

Office: 5th floor

curriculum vitae

Research Interests : Theoretical and mathematical physics.

Selected talksproviding an introduction & overview of my recent work


Research Project "Squashed Extra Dimensions in Gauge Theory and Matrix Models"

supported by the FWF,  P 28590

The focus of this project is to explore the physical consequences of fuzzy extra dimensions, notably by certain self-intersecting quantum geometries. This is directly relevant to the above-mentioned Matrix Theory, but it also arise within the framework of ordinary Yang-Mills gauge theory.

This has developed towards „covariant quantum spaces“, which allow to reconcile the notions of covariance and quantum space(time), and provide a promising basis for a higher spin extension of quantum gravity.

Members of this research group:  Marcus Sperling (postdoc), Timon Salar Gutleb (Master's student), Clemens Kerschbaumer (Master's student),  H.S.

(completed) Project "Branes, Gauge Theory and Gravity in Matrix Models

supported by the FWF,  P24713,     related press release

project "Matrix Models, Quantum Spaces, and Gravity

supported by FWFP21610

Possible topics for a Master's thesis


(I'm member of the management committee & leader of the working group on gravity models)

Training school Quantum Structure of Spacetime and Gravity 2016