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Harald Wilfing, Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Vice head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Harald Wilfing is the Head of the Human Ecology working group. He studied Medicine, Zoology and Anthropology at the University of Vienna. He completed his PhD in Anthropology in 1987. He was awarded the venia docendi for anthropology, which is the highest academic degree, for a study of post-modern fertility development in Austria in 1997. He established the working group Human Ecology at the Institute in 1990, which currently focuses on developmental studies, transition studies, co-evolutionary theory in social systems, historical landscape development and demography and demographic transition in scientific research.
A theoretical basis is of high importance in the fields of co-evolutionary theory and transition studies: Prof. Wilfing has also gathered profound experience in epistemology, of which is mainly focussed on theoretical biology. He is one of the founding members and scientific heads of the scientific project ‘Science as Culture’ and the trainee programme ‘Studium Integrale’ at the Department of Cultural Studies and Philosophy of Science of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (IFF).
Both activities are strongly related to problems and features of interdisciplinary communication. A total of seven projects have been successfully completed under both his vice-chairmanship and chairmanship or were granted by national and international institutions since 1997. Prof. Wilfing's academic career includes scientific fieldwork in Egypt, Guatemala and Peru. He has attended special training courses in Germany and Great Britain.