Harald Ahnelt


Department of Theoretical Biology

University of Vienna, Austria

Althanstrasse 14, A-1090 Vienna

Phone:++43-1-4277 54429

Fax:     ++43-1-4277 54539

Email: harald.ahnelt@univie.ac.at




I am interested in morphological change, phenotypic diversity and population dynamics generally in relation to habitat selection, foraging and specialisation of teleost fishes like gobies (Gobioidei), cyprinids (Cypriniformes) and sticklebacks (Gasterosteidae). Primary attention goes to osteological features and to the lateral-line system. In our group we focus on closely related species (e.g. benthophiline and neogobiine genus groups) and on species which develop discrete morphotypes (e.g. the threespine stickleback). To know more about these and other projects like breeding tubercles of cyprinids or threespine sticklebacks with four dorsal spines click the pictures.

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