“Remember always that a language is what the speakers do and not what someone thinks they ought to do.”


Fundstelle: Leonard Bloomfield, Outline guide for the practical study of foreign languages. Baltimore, Linguistic Society of America / Waverly Press, 1942, p. 16.





“[…] the scientific study of human language, because it is the most social of the exact sciences and the most exact of the social sciences, usually requires deep knowledge not only of the language or languages under scrutiny and of the goals, methods, standards, and terminology of the discipline but also of the history and culture of the people who use that language or those languages.”


Fundstelle: David L. Gold, Studies in etymology and etiology (with emphasis on Germanic, Jewish, Romance, and Slavic languages). Selected and edited, with a foreword, by Félix Rodríguez González and Antonio Lillo Buades. Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, San Vicente de Raspeig, 2009, p. 815.







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Victoria Heise

Paris Lordon UNI | FH Salzburg


Fundstelle: http://www.oncampus.at/cms/component/option,com_wrapper/Itemid,20/





“Kundenberater können genausowenig Kunden beraten wie Zitronenfalter Zitronen falten”


Fernsehsendung Beraten und verkauft? (arte, 30. 10. 2009, 10:00)

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