Generative Linguistics in the Old World 34
April 28-30, 2011

Travel information

Arriving by plane
The Vienna International Airport is located on the outskirts of Vienna. There are various transportation possibilities to and from Vienna:
  • by CAT (City Airport Train): The CAT connects the airport with the underground/train station Wien-Mitte (which is connected to the underground lines U3 and U4). Travel time is approximately 16 minutes, and costs are 9 EUR for a single ticket and 16 EUR for a return ticket. The CAT leaves every 30 minutes.
  • by train (Schnellbahn S7): The S7 takes the same route as the CAT (to and from Wien-Mitte) but is a regional train operated by the Austrian railway service provider (ÖBB). Travel time is around 27 minutes and costs are 3.60 EUR one way. The S7 also leaves every 30 minutes.
  • by bus (Vienna Airport Lines): There are three bus lines connecting the airport to the city. Of the two major lines, one connects the airport with Wien Schwedenplatz (which is connected to the underground lines U1 and U4) in the city center. The other connects the airport with the two main train stations Wien Westbahnhof (connected to U3 and U6), and Wien Meidling (connected to U6). Travel time is between 20 and 30 minutes and costs are 7 EUR for a single ticket and 12 EUR for a return ticket. Busses leave every 30 minutes.

    Arriving by train
    Vienna has various railway stations. The most important ones are Wien Westbahnhof, where all trains coming from the west stop, and Wien Meidling, where trains coming from the south and east stop. Some trains from the north also stop here.
    Wien Westbahnhof is connected to the underground lines U3 and U6.
    Wien Meidling is connected to the underground line U6.

    Public transportation
    The fastest way to move around the city is the underground/tram/bus network. Vienna has five underground lines (U1, U2, U3, U4, U6). The homepage of the Wiener Linien (the underground service provider) features a very good route planner.
    The two conference sites are closest to underground station Schottentor connected to U2. There you can change to tram lines taking you directly to the respective site. The department of linguistics can be be reached by tram lines 37, 38, 40, 41, and 42. The closest station when coming from Schottentor is Schwarzspanierstraße. The closest station when coming from the other direction is Sensengasse.
    The campus can be reached by tram lines 5, 43, and 44 stopping at station Lange Gasse. Line 5 runs to train station Westbahnhof. The latter two lines run to underground station Schottentor.

    Tickets and prices
    Ticket prices are the same for all underground, tram and bus lines. A single ticket is 1.80 EUR if you buy it at one of the ticket vending machines. There are better options for a longer stay with frequent uses of public transportation, though. The 24-, 48-, and 72- hour tickets (5.70, 10.00, 13.60 EUR, respectively) are valid for the respecitve time from the time you stamp them. They are an option to consider should you anticipate to use the public transportation system at least three times a day. Another option, if you plan to stay longer than the duration of the conference, is the seven-day ticket ("Wochenkarte" - 14 EUR) that is valid from Monday morning to Monday 9.00 of the following week (NOTE: if you stamp this ticket on a Sunday it will only be valid until the next day 9.00! So it would be useable for one day only!).
    Ticket vending machines are located at the entrance of every underground station.

    General Information
    Plans of underground lines, tram lines and bus lines: site (unfortunately German only).
    Map of the fast public transport in Vienna as pdf.