Generative Linguistics in the Old World 34
April 28-30, 2011


Everyone attending GLOW 34 (i.e., including all presenters) must be an active member of GLOW. For information on how to join go to the GLOW website. You will also be able to join GLOW upon registration onsite during the conference.

Further, everyone attending GLOW 34 is required to register for the conference. We encourage you to register online. Registration for speakers at the colloquium is free. Everyone else must pay a registration fee. There are four different fees, depending on the time when one chooses to pay, and whether one is a student or a faculty member:

Registration fees
early registration
(before April 1 2011)
late registration
(after April 1 2011)
students 50 EUR 70 EUR
faculty 70 EUR 90 EUR

If you choose to attend the party/conference dinner (for more information see the social program website), you will have to pay 20 EUR in addition to the registration fee.

Both the payment for the registration fee and for the dinner have to be made upon arrival at the onsite registration desk.

Online registration is open now. To register fill in the form below.

First name
Last name
role at conference oral presentation at colloquium
poster presentation at colloquium
presenting at workshop
employment status student
party/dinner will attend (20 EUR extra)
will not attend
E-mail address
registration type late registration

Onsite registration will be possible on Wednesday, April 27 at 8.30 before the workshops and at 18.00 during the reception taking place at the Department of Linguistics at Sensengasse 3a, 1090 Wien. Further it will be possible to register on Thursday, April 28 at 8.30, and on Sunday May 1 at 8.30 at auditorium C1 on campus. The registration desk on campus will be open during the whole time of the colloquium.