Generative Linguistics in the Old World 34,
April 28-30, 2011

Program for workshop on the phonological marking of focus and topic

Wednesday, April 27 2011
Department of Linguistics
Sensengasse 3a
1090 Wien
download program for intonation workshop in pdf (final version)
download complete GLOW 34 program in pdf (final version)

time title speaker chair
8.30 coffee
8.50 opening remarks Edwin Williams
9.00 A syntactic feature [Focus]: The P-side (invited talk) Elisabeth Selkirk
(University of Massachusetts Amherst)
10.00 Interaction of tone and intonation in Lhasa Tibetan: A working hypothesis Irina Monich (University of Connecticut)
10.45 coffee break
11.15 Unexpected prosodic marking of focus in Akan - the case of tonal lowering Frank Kügler &
Susanne Genzel (Potsdam University)
12.00 Focus as phrasing in Georgian Caroline Féry (Goethe University Frankfurt) &
Skopeteas Stavros (Potsdam University)
12.45 lunch break
14.15 Shifting Prominence: Grammatical Factors, Cross-linguistic Differences (invited talk) Michael Wagner
(McGill University)
15.15 Focus (non-)realization in Ngamo (West Chadic) Susanne Genzel & Mira Grubic
(Potsdam University)
16.15 hot chocolate and pastries
16.30 To Phrase or Not to Phrase: The Effect of Focus in Standard Chinese Yiya Chen
(Leiden University Center for Linguistics)
17.15 Topics in Questions (invited talk) Beste Kamali (Harvard University) &
Daniel Büring (University of Vienna)
18.15 general discussion

title speaker
Focus as Prosodic Alignment Caroline Féry (Goethe University Frankfurt)