emer. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Gero Vogl

Some more recent Publications

Interdisciplinary Diffusion

G.Vogl and K.Prochazka
Diffusive and non-diffusive language shift. Why are language borders moving and language islands shrinking?
Diffusion Fundamentals, 36, 01 (2022)

G.Vogl und K.Prochazka
Was treibt den Sprachwechsel? Methoden der Physik helfen bei der Suche nach den Gründen für den Sprachwechsel.
Physik Journal, 19, Nr.2 (2020)

K.Prochazka and G.Vogl
Are languages like atoms? On modelling language spread as a physicist
Glottotheory, 9 (1), 77-88(2018)

A.Bunde, Ch.Chmelik, J.Kärger and G.Vogl
Spreading Fundamentals
in: Diffusive Spreading in Nature, Technology and Society, eds. A.Bunde, J.Caro, J.Kärger and G.Vogl, pp.11-24, Springer (2018)

K. Prochazka and G. Vogl
Quantifying the driving factors for language shift in a bilingual region
PNAS 114 (17), 4365-4369 (2017) http://dcs.univie.ac.at/forschung/sprachdiffusion/ includes link to PNAS paper

F. Essl et al.
Biological Flora of the British Isles: Ambrosia artemisiifolia
J.Ecology 103, 1069-1098 (2015)

R. Richter, U.E.Berger, S.Dullinger, F. Essl, M. Leitner, M. Smith and G. Vogl
Spread of invasive ragweed: Climate change, management and how to reduce allergy costs
J.Applied Ecology 50, 1422-1430 (2013)

R.Richter, S.Dullinger, F. Essl, M. Leitner and G. Vogl
How to account for habitat suitability in weed management programmes?
Biol.Invasions 15, 657-669 (2013)

Fundamentals of diffusion and spread in the natural sciences and beyond
in: Migrations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, eds. M.Messer, R.Schroeder and R.Wodak, pp.261-266, Springer (2012)

M.Leitner, S.Dullinger, F.Essl and G.Vogl
The spread of ragweed as a diffusion process
in: Migrations: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, eds. M.Messer, R.Schroeder and R.Wodak, pp.267-274, Springer (2012)

M.G. Smolik, S. Dullinger, F. Essl, I. Kleinbauer, M. Leitner, J. Peterseil, L.-M. Stadler, and G.Vogl
Integrating species distribution models and interacting particle systems to predict the spread of an invasive alien plant
J. Biogeogr. 37, 411-422 (2010)

G. Vogl, M. Smolik, L. Stadler, M. Leitner, F. Essl, S. Dullinger, I. Kleinbauer, and J. Peterseil
Modelling the spread of ragweed: effects of habitat, climate change and diffusion
Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 161, 167-173 (2008)

G. Vogl
Diffusion and Brownian Motion: Analogies in the Migration of Atoms, Animals, Men and Ideas
in: Leipzig, Einstein, Diffusion, ed. J.Kärger, pp. 99-122
Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2007, 2. Aufl. 2010