Information on the SEM-FIB webcalendar

The SEM-FIB webcalendar provides information on the booking status of the FEI QuantaTM 3D FEG at the Laboratory for Scanning Electron Microscopy and Ion Beam Applications at the University of Vienna.
The slots are colour coded:
  : slot is free for booking
  : a booking request has been submitted, but not yet been confirmed by the labmanager
  : occupied slot

Access to the FEI QuantaTM 3D FEG is possible for scientists from the earth science departments at the University of Vienna (listed below) and cooperation partners:
Department of Lithospheric Research
Department of Geodynamics and Sedimentology
Department of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography
Institute of Paleontology

Via this web calendar, users can schedule access to the FEI QuantaTM 3D FEG. Only entire slots can be booked.
Slot 1: 9:00 - 13:00 (morning session)
Slot 2: 13:00 - 9:00 (afternoon + overnight session)

Access fees per slot depend on the analytical methods used. As access is restricted to members of the earth science departments of the University of Vienna and collaborators, only consumables are covered by the access fees.

How to book slots using the SEM-FIB webcalendar:
step 1: Contact for registration. Subsequently the login details will be provided via email.
step 2: Go to the start page: Login with the provided username and password.
step 3: A welcome screen appears --> click next
step 4: Tick the slots you want to book (note that only green slots are free for booking)
step 5: When all slots within one month are chosen, click "reserve"
step 6: A list of the chosen slots will be displayed.
    - choose whether only SEM or SEM + FIB will be used.
    - select the associated department.
    - select the operator
    - in the "Comments" text box add short information on the material to be analyzed, the methods to be used
      (e.g. detectors, vacuum state,..), and any other comments that could be important for successful analysis.
    - slots may be deleted from the list (tick and click the "delete" button)    
    - click "reserve" for sending the booking request.
step 7: After submission a confirmation page will appear, and an automatic email will be sent to the labmanager. The color of the chosen slot will turn yellow. Click "Back to calendar" to continue with booking further slots or logout.
step 8: After approval by the lab manager the booked slot in the web calendar appears red and the user receives an automatic email. In case that for any reason the labmanager has to decline booking at the requested date, the user will also receive this information via automatic email.

For further questions please contact:
Dr. Gerlinde HABLER
UZA 2B328
Althanstr. 14
A-1090 Vienna
phone: ++43-(0)1-4277-53475 or ++43-(0)1-4277-53620

Impressum: Dr. Gerlinde Habler (, Department of Lithospheric Research, University of Vienna, Althanstr. 14, A-1090 Vienna