Gerhard W. Weber, Univ.-Prof. Dr.

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My research activities centre on the evolution, growth and development of humans, their ancestors, and their closest relatives. Main focus is the quantitative analysis and comparison of hominoid skulls and teeth using geometric and biomechanical properties. Many of my projects deal with the beginning of modern humans and Neanderthals.

At the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology I lead the work group “Virtual Anthropology” (multidisciplinary extension of anthropology into the digital world). Current projects deal with the description and classification of middle to late Pleistocene hominin material, the reconstruction of fossils, the quantitative analysis of postcanine hominin teeth, the application of Virtual Anthropology to other areas such as archaeology and orthodontics. In addition, I am the head of the “Vienna Micro-CT Lab” at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna. The lab runs an advanced micro-CT device that can handle objects up to the size of skulls and femurs and penetrate dense objects such as fossils.

Recently, my colleagues and I were successful in establishing a new research network at University of Vienna with the goal to study human biological and cultural evolution together in an interdisciplinary network (HEAS).

See a short movie introducing my work for the Great Science Award of Lower Austria 2022 (German) ┬ętwoframe

Short CV

Current Positions

2019-presentFull Professor, Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Univ. Vienna
2019-presentHead of Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Univ. Vienna
2010-presentHead of the Core Facility “Vienna Micro-CT Lab” at Univ. Vienna
2001-presentTeam leader of the workgroup “Virtual Anthropology” at Univ. Vienna

Other Functions and Memberships

2021-2023Head and Founder of HEAS “Human Evolution & Archaeological Sciences”
2022Great Science Award from the government of Lower Austria
2017_2023 Board officer (treasurer) of the European Society for Studying Human Evolution (ESHE)
2013-2017Board and founding member of the European Society for Studying Human Evolution (ESHE)
2010-2018Board member of the “NESPOS Society” ( )
2009-presentChairman of the “EVAN-Society” ( )
2008-2012Deputy Head of the Department of Anthropology, Univ. Vienna.
2006-2009Initiator and Coordinator of the ‘European Virtual Anthropology Network – EVAN’ EU FP6 Marie Curie Actions
2005-2006Deputy Head of the Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna
2002-presentChief editor of the “digital@rchive of Fossil Hominoids” (Int.Reg.No. VLB 5162563)
1992-1999Member of the Tyrolean Iceman Research Consortium


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