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Introduction to

Computational Physics

Course material

Academic year 2005/06

Franz J. Vesely

University of Vienna

This regular course extends over the entire academic year and consists of a weekly 3 hours of lectures and 2 hours of workshop. It is designed for students from the third year up.

The textbook "Computational Physics - An Introduction" by Franz Vesely (Plenum 1994 and Kluwer 2001) is based on this course.

Note to teachers: If some of the Java applets that are part of this course material are of any use to you, you may copy and adapt them for your purposes, provided that you treat them according to the GPL rules. This means, among other things, that you cite the original source, and that you do not make commercial use of the resulting material.

Franz J. Vesely Oct 2005
See also:
"Computational Physics - An Introduction," Kluwer-Plenum 2001