Haiti after the earthquake and the tremendous work of
MUDHA in Leogane, near Port au Prince


© by Yvonne Schaffler



Panorama before crossing the frontier, Jimaní, Dominican Republic


Crossing the frontier


Haiti’s "taptaps" are beautyful.
May their paintings indeed help to prevent the passengers from accidents.


Panorama of one of Port au Princes districts


Most areas of Port au Prince have been miserable already before the quake


Impressions of the damage on buildings

Of some buildings is not much left at all. Actually, almost no building can be used as shelter anymore due to the severe damages, ongoing aftershocks and the resulting danger of collaps.

People thus live in cities of tents. Some can cover their tents only with cotton sheets


The camp of MUDHA in Leogane – area where the workers reside


Also the people of whome MUDHA is in charge (mostly children from an orphanage - see below)
sleep in tents. And the rainy season is just about to begin…


Area where the sick are treated


The orphanage. It once had four floors


Those parts of the orphanage with columns seem to have resist more. What's left is not appropriate for housing anyway, since the building could collapse any moment.


The tremendous work of MUDHA and their cooperating volunteers


Emotionally taking care of the kids

Helping people to recover


Workshops: Sonia Pierre teaching women to produce detergents, shampoo, rinse etc.
They later will have access to microcredits.

Taking care of the orphanage workers: Making possible that they can play domino once in a week


Learning from other projects: Wooden shelters like this could be also built for the children of MUDHA


Taking measures of a possible space for shelters


Impressions of the camp


As long as HE does not appear, NGOs do their best

If you want to help: