Wishlist and buglist for RExcel

Design considerations


Modify PutDataframe

PutDataframe possibly could get a optional argument ColumnTypes which would allow to specify the type of the variable in R. This could be especially helpful with numerically coded factors.

The dialog box for putting dataframes would get an additional field for specifying the type vector.

New Argument WithColnames for GetDataframe

(RExcel 3.0.1) I wish RInterface function GetDataframe had a parameter WithColnames that allowed clients to determine whether they want the colnames transferred or not, like function GetArray.

If added as a new optional argument with default value True, it would not break the existing API.



Bug with large vectors

IT seems that tranferring vectors from Excel 2007 breaks at sizes between 150,000 and 200,000


It seems that PutDataframe is very picky about the variable name.


works fine, while


produce errors.

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