Version information and available resources


Current versions:

  • R 2.2.0
  • rcom 1.2.2
  • R(D)COM server 2.0beta
  • RExcel 1.48

The current version of R is always available from
rcom is available as an R package from CRAN
R(D)COM server is currently available from
RExcel is included in the R(D)COM server, but the latest version is currenly only available in RDACCSDSetup described below. always has the latest and development version.

R(D)COM server currently is in beta state, the old version available from CRAN does not work with R 2.2.0. The new version still needs some work, especially regarding documentation.

There also is a big package available

It contains R, rcom, R(D)COM server, RCommander and all supporting libraries, iplots (from, ggobi, Rggobi and tinn-R.

This has been created to give our students an all in one solution for our statistical software needs. It is not supported officially, but it is quite convenient if one wants to install R and friends in one installation run.

More information

There is a mailing list do discuss all the programs described above. To subscribe, go to

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