Testing RExcel for different language versions of Windows and Excel

I need your help to solve some internationalization issues. The RExcel addin behaves strangely if you try to use a Workbook on a machine with a different language version of Excel and/or Windows than the one where you created the workbook. I need reports. Please test with Excel 2003.

Here is a zip file rexceltest.zip containing 7 files: a new version of RExcel.xla and 6 workbook files. Please do the following.

  • Close any version of Excel you have running.
  • Unzip these file in a convenient place.
  • Save the current RExcel.xla. It is usually found in C:\Program Files\R\(D)COM Server\xls
  • Put the new RExcel.xla in the place of the original one.
  • Open a Text editor.
  • Start Excel
  • Bring up the RExcel→About RExcel dialog box, and click
  • Copy to clipboard. Then click OK.
  • Go to your text editor and do a Paste, you will see some version information about Excel, Windows …
  • Now for each of the 6 workbook files do the following
  1. Open the file
  2. Go to the text editor
  3. Do Paste
  4. Go to Excel
  5. Close the file

You will have a lot of text in you editor now. Please mail all the contents of the editor to

erich dot neuwirth at univie dot ac dot at

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