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R 2.9.2 is out and we now have a new RAndFriends installer.
This master installer installs R, rcom, RExcel and many more packages and can be downloaded from the download page of the web site http://rcom.univie.ac.at/.
This installer will download and install an additional component, statconnDCOM, during the installation.

RExcel and rcom now are available from CRAN in the packages RExcelInstaller and rcom. More Information

Recent changes in the wiki

The relationships and internal structures of the components have undergone a major revision. Some components used previously (StatConnectorSRV, R_Scilab_DCOM) are not available any more and also are not supported any more. By the same reason, the installer RAndFriendsLight also is not available any more.

What are all these packages?

statconnDCOM Server is a server which allows to seamlessly integrate R or Scilab into other applications. It is required by rcom and by RExcel.
rcom is an R package allowing to have R and another program running at the same time and let them communicate.
rscproxy is an R package which is required for rcom and for the statconn (D)COM Server.
sciproxy is the counterpart to rproxy required for integration of Scilab into other applications.
RExcel is an Excel addin using statconn (D)COM or rcom to allow Excel to call R from within Excel.
RAndFriendsSetup is a wrapper containing installation programs for R (including many packages), statconnDCOM, RExcel, and the example files for the forthcoming book R through Excel by Richard Heiberger and Erich Neuwirth.

RExcel can also serve as an example application to show how statconn (D)COM and rcom may be used. The addin works in Excel 2002 (= Excel XP), Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.
RExcel needs statconnDCOM and possibly rcom. statconnDCOM implements the background server (R is only accessible through Excel, not in a separate RGui or RTerm Window)
rcom implements the foreground server, meaning that Excel connects with R, but R can be accessed simultaneously from RGui or Rterm also.

statconnDCOM implements StatConnectorSrv, which is a (D)COM server which allows any COM client (e.g. all MS Office programs) to access R and Scilab. In MS Office programs this is done using R. RExcel is an example of how VBA can be used in Excel to access R.
Information about the underpinnings of COM technology (including examples) is available on MSDN

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