Scilab as a (D)COM server

Since version 2.50 (released March 1, 2007) the R(D)COM server also allows to use Scilab as a COM client.

Just install the (D)COM server, copy one file to scilab/bin (this is explained in the docs) and have a look at the Excel example which can be downloaded from the download page

Some machines have problems with Scilab and the DCOM server. In such a case, you have to install and update (from Microsoft) for the C++ redistributable files (from Visual Studion 2008 SP1). Be careful to download the correct files. Microsoft has a few updates, all with the same name. With the wrong one, things still will not work.

You can find the file here. Download vcredist_x86.exe and run it. This should solve the problem.

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