RExcel as an R package


We now have an installer of the Excel add-in RExcel as R package, and it is released on CRAN.

RExcel, an add-in for MS Excel on MS Windows (XP or Vista), allows to transfer data between R and Excel, writing VBA macros using R as a library for Excel, and calling R functions as worksheet function in Excel. RExcel integrates nicely with R Commander (Rcmdr). This R package installs the Excel add-in for Excel versions from 2000 to 2007. It only works on MS Windows. Download the current version from CRAN.

The R package is a wrapper. It installs and configures the Excel add-ins for Excel 2000 to Excel 2007. To achieve this, it contains one R functions which download and install the add-ins in the correct places and configure the add-ins and some additional options.

RExcel since version 1.80 cooperates with Rcmdr (also called R Commander), a menu driven frontend for R. RExcel allows to have the Rcmdr menus as Excel menus. Since version 2.0 RExcel is also compatible with all Rcmdr plugins.

If you want a large package with R, RExcel, R Commander all neccessary support files and packages for easy installing, look here.

Installation (short description)

Installation is very easy. Install the R package RExcelInstaller as a normal R package. Then type the following commands


You need at least R-2.8.1.

If you have not installed rcom yet, to make rcom work you need to download an install it and then run the following commands in R


rcom since R 2.8.0 requires rscproxy, an additional package, but it should be installed automatically when rcom is installed.

RExcel cooperates nicely with John Fox's package Rcmdr. When Rcmdr (available from CRAN) is installed, Rcmdr menus (possible extended by Rcmdr plugins) can become menus within Excel.

RExcel also works with the R (D)COM server instead of rcom, but then you will not have access to am Rgui window. The Rcmdr window will still be available.

The installer installs a certificate issued by RExcel Team 2008. All the Excel files contained in RExcel are signed with this certificate. Therefore, the can be opened and used even with Excel's security level set to high, and they need not be put in special directories.

Firefox and HTML help --- a problem

Since RExcel.installer_1.80-14 the package also has some functions to repair a problem with Firefox and HTML help in R. The documentations has more information.


will apply the fix if necessary.

Complete R with RExcel and further packages

For an easy start to use R and RExcel go to the download section of and download RAndFriends from there.

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