How to find debugging information

All the information here only refers to the latest version of out programs (statconnDCOM, rcom, RExcel).

Don't even think of posting error reports about any of the components not working on the rcom mailing list before collecting this information, and include this information with your post. Do not sent email to the authors, free advisory information in case of errors is only available through the mailing list at the rcom server.

Before you start, download DebugView from You do not need to install this program. Just unzip the zip file you downloaded. You will need DbgView.exe later.

When you are experiencing problems, please collect the following information. Do so by opening a text editor (Notepad, Emacs, Notepad++ of whatever you are using normally)
Perform all the steps and copy the output of the different programs in a text file.

Report Windows version. You get this via Start → Run and typing “winver”.

R version and version of the packages Start R (32 bit binary, the one without the suffix x64) and type the commands:


Copy the R output to the text file.

Start DebugView (DbgView.exe)
On the Start menu, go to
All Programs → statconn → DCOM → Server 01 - Basic test Copy the output in the text windows of this program and the contents of the DbgView Window in the text file.

If you are using RExcel and have problems with it, start Excel. On the RExcel menu click on “About RExcel”. On the following dialog box click on “Copy to Clipboard”. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the report text file.

If you fail running “About RExcel” because of an error, please provide at least the following information on the list:

  • the version of Excel you are using (including installed language)
  • the version of RExcel you have installed
  • your RExcel configuration details (e.g., foreground or background server, remote server)

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