A. Prof. i.R. Dr. Erich Neuwirth


Professor of Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Vienna (retired).

Former Member of the Data Analytics and Computational Systems Group at the Department of Scentific Computing in the Faculty of Computer Science

Former head of the Center for Computer Science Didactics and Learning Research.

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I am publishing a blog (in German) about statistical topics related to education (among other topics the PISA study).

I am also manager of SunSITE Austria, a Web server dedicated to Mathematics, Statistics, and Science Education.

Together with Thomas Baier I am running the statconn project which connects numerical and statistical Software (currently R and Scilab) with other software (Excel, OpenOffice, diverse languages like Python, C# ..)

I am also working on ways of using music to teach computer science and programming concepts. For this purpose, I have developed tools for Excel (available here) and for FMSLogo (available here)

I am blogging (in German) about Statistics, Education, and Austrian Politics.

My websites concerned with elections are

You can download my public PGP key here.

My previous homepage can be found here

On Twitter I am @neuwirthe

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