Dr. Erich Eder

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Dr. Erich Eder


Scientific topics Hydrobiology (temporary waters)
Large Branchiopods ("primeval shrimps"): distribution, ecology, morphology
Paranormal belief and pseudoscience  (e.g. Grander water)
Science and medical education

Research and Teaching Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty, Sigmund Freud University Vienna and lecturer at the University of Vienna. Main teaching topics: evolutionary biology,  ecology, scientific method, ecology of the native fauna, evolution and ethics, ethics and its areas of application, outdoor didactics

Scientific and popular scientific
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Member of DZGABA, and TCS, former Vice president of the Gesellschaft für kritisches Denken (GWUP Austria)

UNIVIE Teaching Award, 2019
Encouragement Prize of the City of Vienna for Science and National Education, 2004

Guest Scientist at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 2002/03
Theodor-Körner-Award for Science and Arts, 1999

Conservational activities Public Engagement for Large Branchiopods and Crayfish
Successful protection of Nature Reserves in Eastern Austria
2007-2013 Board Member of the Naturschutzbund NÖ
2014 Founder of Naturschutzjugend Klosterneuburg

Josef Schöffel Prize for Merits in Nature Conservation, 2008
Hans Czettel Prize (for Naturschutzjugend Klosterneuburg) 2016


Portrait from the German magazine (1998)