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Ordo Anostraca

    Eubranchipus bundyi

    Branchinecta packardi

    Branchinecta sp.

    Branchinecta lindahli

    Streptocephalus dorothae

    Streptocephalus mackini

    Streptocephalus sealii

    Streptocephalus texanus

    Thamnocephalus mexicanus

    Thamnocephalus platyurus


Ordo Notostraca

    Triops longicaudatus

    Triops sp.


Ordo Conchostraca

    Caenestheriella saetosa

    Eocyzicus digueti

    Leptestheria compleximanus

    Eulimnadia cylindrova

    Eulimnadia texana

    Lynceus brachyurus

    Lynceus brevifrons


(Incomplete!) According to: Maeda-Martinez et al., 1997 (Hydrobiologia 359).



Large branchiopods (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) occurring in northern California

O. Anostraca (Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta dissimilis (Dissimilar Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta coloradensis (Colorado Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta conservatio (Conservancy Fairy Shrimp)* E

Branchinecta gigas (Giant Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta lindahli (Versatile Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta longiantenna (Longhorn Fairy Shrimp)* E

Branchinecta lynchi (Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp)* T

Branchinecta mackini (Alkali Fairy Shrimp)

Branchinecta sp. (Midvalley Fairy Shrimp)*

Eubranchipus bundyi (Knobbedlip Fairy Shrimp)

Eubranchipus oregonus (Oregon Fairy Shrimp)

Eubranchipus serratus (Ethologist Fairy Shrimp)

Linderiella occidentalis (California Fairy Shrimp)*

Streptocephalus sealii (Spiney tail Fairy Shrimp)

O. Conchostraca (Clam Shrimp)

Cyzicus californicus (California Clam Shrimp)*

Lynceus branchiurus (Lentil Clam Shrimp)

O. Notostraca (Tadpole Shrimp)

Lepidurus cousei (Intermountain Tadpole Shrimp)

Lepidurus lemmoni (Alkali Tadpole Shrimp)

Lepidurus packardi (Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp)* E

Lepidurus sp. (Modoc Plateau Tadpole Shrimp)*

Triops longicaudatus (American Tadpole Shrimp)

* = endemic, E = Endangered, T = Threatened

Source: Brent P. Helm: Biogeography of Eight Large Branchiopods Endemic to California


Order Anostraca: fairy shrimp (4 species)

Order Conchostraca: clam shrimp (5 species)


This list is based on the April 1991 Symposium Proceedings: Our Living Heritage. Appendix One: Native Illinois Species and Related Bibliography. Susan L. Post. INHS Reprint Series No. R1174.

Subject: INHSPUB-2063


Order Anostraca

Family Branchinectidae

    Branchinecta coloradensis Packard

    Branchinecta gigas Lynch

    Branchinecta lindahli Packard

    Branchinecta packardi Pearse

    Branchinecta paludosa (O.F. Muller)

Family Chirocephalidae

    Eubranchipus ornatus Holmes

    Eubranchipus serratus Forbes

Family Streptocephalidae

    Streptocephalus seali Ryder

    Streptocephalus texanus Pacckard

Order Notostraca

Family Lepiduridae

    Lepidurus couesi Packard

    Lepidurus lemmoni Holmes

    Triops longicaudatus (LeConte)

Order Conchostraca

Family Caenestheriidae

    Caenestheriella belfragei (Packard)

    Caenestheriella setosa (Pearse)

    Cyzicus morsei (Packard)

    ?Cyzicus mexicanus (Claus)

Family Lynceidae

    Lynceus brachyurus O.F. Muller

    Lynceus mucronatus (Packard)


25 MAR 1996, updated on 4 MAY 1997 D.L. Gustafson. AIM home page


New Mexico

Ordo Anostraca

Ordo Notostraca

    Triops longicaudatus

Ordo Conchostraca

    Leptestheria compleximanus

    Eulimnadia texana

(Incomplete) According to: Stephen C. Weeks (pers. comm.). Thank you!


O. Anostraca

    Chirocephalopsis bundyi

    Eubranchipus holmani

    Eubranchipus vernalis

    Eubranchipus neglectus

representing two families, and at least four species

O. Conchostraca

    Lynceus brachyurus

    Eulimnadia inflecta

    Caenestheriella gynecia

    Cyxicus morsei

three families so far described from Ohio.


No tadpole shrimp have been found in Ohio, to date.

Dr. Stephen C. Weeks, Assistant Professor. Department of Biology , University of Akron