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First record of Limnadia lenticularis males in Europe (Branchiopoda: Conchostraca)

J. Crust. Biol. 20: 657 - 662.

Eder, E., Richter, S., Gottwald, R., and W. Hödl

(EE, WH, RG) Institute of Zoology, University of Vienna, Althanstr. 14, A-1090 Vienna, Austria. E-mail: Erich.Eder@univie.ac.at
(SR) Comparative Zoology, Institute of Biology, Humboldt University Berlin, Philippstr. 13, D-10115 Berlin, Germany. E-mail: st.richter@rz.hu-berlin.de

Abstract Copyright 2000 by J. Crust. Biol.

Limnadia lenticularis, a well known representative of the Conchostraca Spinicaudata in Europe, was generally accepted as a parthenogenetic species. During an intensive faunistic study of Austrian conchostracans, out of a total of 364 collected L. lenticularis specimens, four were males. This paper provides the collection localities, compares the sex ratio of the five conchostracan species found in Austria and describes the general morphology of L. lenticularis males, focussing on SEM of the male claspers.



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