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Geomorphology, maps, etc.

USGS FEWS data portal - Famine Early Warning Systems Network provides geo-spatial data, satellite image products
Aerial geology by lightplane - by Louis J. Maher
Aerial Reconnaissance Archives of the British Army during World War II
Anavasi - the best maps to locate Greece´s beauties
ASTER - Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
Image hunter - serach for satellite images
íNaturalist - joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society
JAXA Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP)
3D UK Mapviewer National Library of Scotland
Sentinel playground - daily updated Sentinel-2 imagery (10 m resolution)
Sentinel Hub Public Collection of data
TanDEM-X global forest/non-forest map

TerraSar-X archive

AlpAndino - e-learning course on alpine ecology available in both English and Spanish
Austria online maps!!! superb - Verwaltungsgrundkarte Oesterreich superb - public data sets Austria superb - Open data accessible to everyone
HUNGARICANA - Map-based historical map search by Arcanum superb

INSPIRE International

LISA - Land Information System Austria
Mapire - First, second and third Austrian Military Survey online!! superb
online geographic map - Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen
online hydrographic measurement points - Bundesamt fuer Wasser
online soil map - Bundesamt fuer Wald

Airbus defense and space - high resoltuion satellite imagery, including Pleiades
ALOS World 3D - 30m global digital surface model by Japanese Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Alphabetical listing of all Places in the World - superb Global Gazetteer Version 2.1
    Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen
    d-maps - free maps
Bathymetric data (multi-meam, LiDAR) - NEIC National Centers for Environmental Information
Earth Explorer -
SRTM etc. by USGS - superb
Earth Science World Image Bank
EGMS - European GRound Motion Data
- European Marine Observation and Data Network
(bathymetric data)
Flooding risc maps Austria HOchwasserRisikoflächen Austria (HORA) - superb - fast alles was der Jambo braucht - neun Bundeslaender Oesterreichs - ein Geodatenlink
GIS Burgenland - superb
Hydro Burgenland
- Wasserportal Burgenland
Image bank of earth science images - multi-database search for satellite images

Natural Earth - free vector and raster map data
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC) - NASA & USGS
Lunar and Planetary Institute - great slide sets and digital images of Earth and planets!!
Libyan Desert - landscape, rock art, archaeology
Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base - free downloads of data!!
MicroImages - Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis
OpenStreetMapData - Land polygons, Water polygons, coastlines, etc.  - superb
OpenStreetMap data extracts

PSMSL - Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
River-runner - shows you run-off path from any point within the US to the coast
terraserver - buy satellite imagery image by image
Scotland National Library Maps
WorldDEM - Airbus Defence

Nautical Charts Online
Nautical charts - by yachtua
SailingHeaven - nautical charts onlinea

 - Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis

    NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
    NASA Earth Observatory - cool pics
NCAP - National Collection of Aerial Photography UK
Panoramas of Mountains - mountain panoramas
Panoramas of the Alps

Permafrost zonation maps - Stephan Gruber exETH - present Carleton University Ottawa Canada
Photogalerien - riesige Auswahl von Paul Hofmann
RiverTools - geomorphologic software by RIVIX
Rock Glaciers - working group University of Innsbruck
SciLand - Gesellschaft zur Bearbeitung digitaler Landschaften
SIR-C/X-SAR images - Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt - Digital Terrain Modeling and Mapping Journal by John Childs
Terra Vision - an Open Source interactive terrain visualization system by SRI International
Views of the Solar System - many images with a plethora of updated information
Virtual Terrain Project
World Data Center for Marine Geology & Geophysics - by NOOA National Geophysical Data Center
Yandex - Russian satellite imagery