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CarbonBrief - Clear on climate
arth´s Dynamik System – online geology introduction boo
Our World in Data - Research and data global

    AustroSed - Sedimentology in Austria and Austrian sedimentologists
Geologische Bundesanstalt - Geological Survey of Austria
GEOBASE - Online literature and map search, online geological maps!! of the Geological Survey of Austria
Historic Quarries - Simplified Petrography
Österreichische Geologische Gesellschaft

    Geological Society of India
Geological Survey of India
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology - Himalayan Geology

    AUSGIN Australian Geoscience Information Network
Bureau Veritas/Acme Labs whole rock analysis
Carbonateworld - A web tutorial for the petrographic analysis of carbonate rocks
Commission for the Geological Map of the World
Cooerative Institute for Research in Environmental SciencesSolid Earth Sciences Division
Deep Sea Drilling Project Reports and Publications
Digital Grain Size Project
- Software for automated estimates of grain size from images of sediment (USGS)

EMODnet Geology - informationn on marine geology
EPHA - European Prehistoric and Historic Atlas
European Geosciences Union
Geoarchaeology Working Group - International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG)
Geologisch-Mineralogischer Landesdienst (GMLD) Steiermark - Internet access to geological data in Styria

GeoModeller - 3D modelling software by Intrepid Geophysics
GPlates - software for the interactive visualisation of plate tectonicscs

Geschichte der Geologie und Paläontologie
Geo&Soft - Geosoftware from Torino
    Greek Institute of Geodynamics, National observatory Athens (earth quakes in Greece)
GSA - Geological Society of America
imaggeo - EGU open access image repository
IAEG - International Association of Engineering Geologists and Environment
IAG - International Association of Geomorphologists
IAS - International Association of Sedimentologists
ICS - International Commission on Stratigraphy
EAGME - Hellenic Survey of Geology & Mineral Exploration
    IUGS - International Union of Geological Sciences
    INQUA - International Union for Quaternary Research
Institute of Geodynamics - Athens (much info about seismicity in Greece)
IRIS - Interaktives Rohstoff Informations System Austria
Italia - Carta geologica online 1:100,000
Italia - Carta geologica online 1:50,000
LandslideBlog - Dave Petley
Mammal species of the world - online database of mammalian taxonomy, Smithonian
Mining terms explained a-z - AngloAmerican
Mira Geoscience ...modelling the Earth - World´s largest online collectiof more than 4500 natural stones
PAGES - Past Global Changes research effort
Palaeogeographic maps by Ronald Blakey
Palaeogeographical maps - by ChristopherScotese - many links to meetings and workshops
RockWare - Earth Science Software
RocScience – Software tools for rock and soil
Sandatlas - Fotos of plutonic, volcanic and sedimentary rocks and minerals
SEPM - Society for Sedimentary Geology
SEPM LINKS to: Terminology - Sequence stratigraphy - Sediments -
Sequence stratigraphy online - great courses by University of Georgia
SME - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
Snow - infos and gorgous photos of snow crystals
Steine in der Stadt - building stones in central European cities
TimeScale Creator - free Java package to create geologic time scales supported by an internal database
UNESCO - Division of Earth Sciences - IGCP programmes
US Geo supply - everything that you need in the field
USGS - U.S. Geological Survey
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
WSM World Stress Map