Full Publications List

Dowling, E. (2021): The Care Crisis: What Caused It and How Can We End It? London/New York: Verso Books. Published in paperback with a new afterword in March 2022.

Commissioned research reports
Dowling, E. (2014): Crisis & Crossroads of Independent Culture: (Co-) Research in the Engine Room. Engine Room Europe, REX Cultural Laboratory, Belgrade, Serbia (commissioned research).

Edited collections and journal special issues
Dowling, E., Dursun, A., Hasenöhrl, S., Kettner, V. and Sauer, B. (2021): Care in Pandemic Times, special issue of the Journal for Historical Social Research 46(4).
Burmester, M., Dowling, E., Wohlfahrt, N. (2017) (Hg.): Neue Wege der Finanzierung der Sozialwirtschaft? Kapitalfinanzierte soziale Dienste und ihre Folgen für die Soziale Arbeit, SchneiderVerlag Baltmannsweiler.
Dowling, E. (2012) (ed.): ‘Mobilisations, Interventions & Cultural Policy’, Lateral Journal of the Cultural Studies Association Issue 1.
Dowling, E., Nunes, R. and Trott, B. (2007) (eds.): ‘Immaterial & Affective Labour: Explored’, Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization 7 (1): 1-7.

Academic journal articles (peer-reviewed)
Dowling, E. (2021): “Caring in Times of a Global Pandemic”, Journal of Historical Social Research/Zeitschrift für historische Sozialforschung 46(4): 7- 30.
Dowling, E. (2021): “The Social Structure of Brexit and the Crisis of Globalisation: Towards an Analysis of the Disjuncture”, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 46: 257 – 277.
Dowling, E. (2018) “Confronting Capital’s Care Fix: Care Through the Lens of Democracy”,Equality,Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal 37 (4): 332-346.
Dowling, E. (2016): ‘Valorised but not Valued? Social Reproduction and Feminist Politics after the Crisis,’ British Politics 11 (4): 452–468.
Dowling, E. (2016): ‘In the Wake of Austerity: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialisation of the Welfare State,’ New Political Economy 22(3): 294 – 310.
Dowling E. and D. Harvie (2014): ‘Harnessing the Social: State, Crisis and (Big) Society’, Sociology 48(5): 869-886.
Brown, G., Dowling, E., Harvie, D. and Milburn, K. (2012): ‘Careless Talk: Social Reproduction and the Faultlines of Crisis in the UK’. Social Justice 29(1): 78-98.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘The Waitress: On Affect, Method and (Re) Presentation’, Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies 12(2): 109-117.
Dowling, E., A. Feigenbaum, S. Pell and K. Stanley (2012): ‘Occupy London’, South Atlantic Quarterly 111(3): 608 – 615.
Dowling, E., B. Trott and R. Nunes (eds.) (2007): ‘Immaterial and Affective Labour Explored’, (Editorial), Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization 7(1): 1-7.
Dowling, E. (2007): ‘Producing the Dining Experience – Measure, Subjectivity and the Affective Worker’, Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization 7(1): 117-132.
Andreotti, V. and E. Dowling (2004): ‘World Social Forum: Ethics and Pedagogy’, InternationalSocial Science Journal (ISSJ) 56 (182): 605-613.
Dowling, E. (2005): ‘The Ethics of Engagement Revisited: Remembering the ESF 2004,’ Ephemera:Theory and Politics in Organization 5(2): 205-215.

Academic journal articles (non-peer reviewed)
Dowling, Emma (2022): „Nachhaltige Krisenbewältigung heißt strukturelle Bedingungen
angehen“, in JURIDIKUM Zeitschrift für Kritik, Recht und Gesellschaft 2022/3: 367 – 373.
Dowling, E. (2021): Care Crisis Continued: Logics of the New Levy, Discover Society: New Series 1(4).
Dowling, E. (2017): ‘Valorizado mas sem valor? Remuneração afetiva, reprodução social e políticafeminista para além da crise,’ Direito e Práxis 8(3): 2449-2477.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘Editorial’. Mobilisations, Interventions and Cultural Policy’, Lateral Issue1: Spring 2012.
Dowling, E. and B. Trott (2007): ‘Bonofication: The Political Economy of Making Poverty History’, The Commoner, Online, March 2007.

Book chapters
Dowling, Emma and Federici, Silvia (2022): Refracting the The Household: For a Feminist Social Housing (Emma Dowling in Conversation with Silvia Federici), in Güntner, S., Hauser, J., Lehner, J. & Reinprecht, C. (eds.): The Social Dimension of Social Housing, Leipzig: Spector Books.
Dowling, Emma (2022): “Platform Care as Care Fix”, in Strüver, Anke und Sybille Bauriedl (eds.): Platformization of Urban Life – Towards a Technocapitalist Transformation of European Cities, Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag.
Dowling, Emma (2022): “Daseinsvorsorge und Zukunftssicherung: Visionen für einen Wohlfahrtsstaat der Zukunft“, in Fritz, Judith und Nino Tomaschek (Hrsg.): Transformationsgesellschaft – Visionen und Strategien für den sozialökologischen Wandel (University – Society – Industry Band 11), Münster: Waxmann Verlag.
Dowling, E. (2021): ‘The Care Crisis and a Feminist Society’, in Joao Rodrigues, M. (ed.): Our European Future: Charting a Progressive Course in the World, Brussels and London: Foundation for European Progressive Studies/London Publishing Group.
Dowling, E. (2021): ‘Why Care?’ in Fezer, J. & Studio Experimentelles Design, Claudia Banz (eds.): (How) Do We (Want To) Work (Together) (As (Socially Engaged) Designers (Students and Neighbours) in Neoliberal Times? Hamburg: HFBK.
Dowling, E. (2021): ‘Affect’, in Skeggs, B., Toscano, A. and Farris, S. (eds.), Sage Handbook of Marxism, London: Sage.
Dowling, E. (2017): ‘Preis der Liebesmüh: Die politische Ökonomie der Intimität‘, in Bärtsch, T. et al. (Hrsg.), Ökologien der Sorge, Wien: transversal texts.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘Die Kellnerin’, Netzwerk Körper in den Kulturwissenschaften (Hrsg.), What Can a Body Do? Praktiken und Figurationen des Körpers in den Kulturwissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main: Campus.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘…Some Complications and their Political Economy’, in A. Lunghi and S. Wheeler (eds.), Occupy Everything: Reflections on Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, Wivenhoe/New York: Minor Compositions.
Dowling, E. (2011): ‘Pedagogies of Cognitive Capitalism – Challenging the Critical Subject’, E. Bulut and M. Peters (eds.), Education, Cognitive Capitalism and Digital Labour, London/Berlin/New York:Peter Lang, Publishers.
Hudig, K. and E. Dowling (2010): ‘Whatever Happened to the Counterglobalisation Movement? Some Reflections on Antagonism, Vanguardism and Professionalisation’, in A. Choudry and D. Kapoor (eds.), Learning from the Ground Up – Global Perspectives on Social Movements and Knowledge Production, New York: Palgrave MacMillan.
Dowling, E. and R. Shah (2008): ‘What’s the World Coming to? The World Social Forum Beyond Critique and Deconstruction’, J. Sen and P. Waterman (eds.), The World Social Forum – Challenging Empires, 2nd ed., Toronto: Black Rose Books.
Dowling, E. (2005): ‘The Capability Approach and Human Rights’, in C. van den Anker and R. Smith(eds.), The Essentials of Human Rights, London: Hodder Arnold.
Dowling, E. (2003): ‘Strategies for Change: The Tobin Tax’, in C. van den Anker (ed.), The Political Economy of New Slavery, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Commentaries and Interviews
Dowling, E. (2021): ‘Interview with Emma Dowling: The Care Crisis: What Caused It and How CanWe End It?‘ Engagée Journal Issue 10 (ISSN 2413-4279). Translated into Italian and republished in Forward Magazine/Recenti Progressi in Medicina, October 2021.
Dowling, E. and Hester, H. (2021): ‘The Future of Care: Helen Hesterin Conversation with Emma Dowling‘, Feminist Futures Programme, Autonomy Think Tank, https://autonomy.work/portfolio/ffp-hester-dowlingconvo/.
Dowling, E., van Dyk, S. und Bahl, F. (2018): ‘Die Schattenseiten des Engagements – Silke van Dyk und Emma Dowling im Gespräch mit Friederike Bahl‘, Soziopolis.
Dowling, E., Graefe, S. und van Dyk, S. (2017): ‘Rückkehr des Hauptwiderspruchs? Anmerkungen zur aktuellen Debatte um den Erfolg der Neuen Rechten und das Versagen der „Identitätspolitik“‘, Prokla 188 47(3): 411–420.
Dowling, E. (2016): ‘Postcapitalism? – Five Orientations from the Perspective of Social Reproduction’, International Sociological Association Forum Blog. May 2016.
Dyk, S., Dowling, E. und Haubner. T. (2016): ‘Für ein rebellisches Engagement’, Blätter für deutscheund internationale Politik, 2/16: 37-40.
Dowling, E. (2015): ‘Britain’s Recovery Industry: Profiting from Austerity?’ Rethinking Recovery Series. Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI) Blog, June 2015.
Hugill, D. and E. Thorburn (2011): ‘Pedagogy of Unrest – Education Struggles and the Prospects for an Autonomous University’ (Roundtable), Upping the Anti 12: 123-139.
Dowling, E. and R. Shah (2007): ‘What’s the World Coming to? The World Social Forum Beyond Critique and Deconstruction’, Interview, Inspire Journal of Law, Politics and Societies 2(1): 37-44.

Encyclopaedia contributions
Dowling, E. (2009): ‘The G8 Summit Protests in Gleneagles 2005’, International Encyclopaedia of Revolution and Protest, I. Ness (ed.), New York: Blackwell Publishing.
Dowling, E. (2005): ‘Quality of Life – a Definition’, in T. Leonard (ed.), The Encyclopaedia of the Developing World, New York: Routledge.

Book reviews
Dowling, E. (2013): Review of the 35th anniversary edition of Policing the Crisis – Mugging the State, Law and Order (second edition) by Stuart Hall, Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson, John Clarke and Brian Roberts, Soundings Journal 55: 114 – 116.
Dowling, E. (2014): Review of Revolution at Point Zero by Silvia Federici, Feminist Review 106: e1-e2.
Dowling, E. (2013): Review of The Problem with Work – Feminism, Marxism, Antiwork Politics and Postwork Imaginaries by K. Weeks (2011), Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Women and Performance: A Journal of Feminist Theory 23 (2): 312-313.
Dowling, E. (2013): Review of Why It’s (Still) Kicking Off Everywhere – The New Global Revolutions by P. Mason (2012), London/New York: Verso. The Journal of Labor and Society 16(2): 316-319.
Dowling, E (2012): Review of Theories of Social Capital – Researchers Behaving Badly by B. Fine(2010), London: Pluto Press. Ephemera: Theory and Politicsin Organization 12(4): 480-485.
Dowling, E. (2012): Review of Work’s Intimacy by M. Gregg (2011), Cambridge: Polity. Feminist Review101: e14-e16.
Dowling, E. (2010): Review of The Will of the Many – How the Alterglobalisation Movement is Changing the Face of Democracy by M. Maeckelbergh (2009), London: Pluto Press. Interface: Journal for and about Social Movements 2(1): 381-414.

Journalism and non-academic articles
Dowling, E. and L. Snelders (2021): ‘The Care Crisis – Interview with Emma Dowling’, Brainwash Festival, Blog, October 2021.
Dowling, E. (2020): ‘Covid-19 Has Exposed Our Broken Care System’, Tribune Magazine, Winter2021.
Dowling, E. (2021): ‘A Careful Utopia‘, Mayday Magazine, Brussels: Bozar Centre for Fine Arts -May 2021.
Dowling, E. (2020): ‘Money Alone Won’t Fix the Care Crisis’. Novaramedia, London, UK, September 2020.
Dowling, E. (2017): ‘Dilemmas of Care’ (cover story). The Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, Canada.Broadsheet to accompany exhibition ‘Take Care’, September 2017 – March 2018.
Dowling, E (2015): ‘Love’s Labour’s Cost: The Political Economy of Intimacy’. Verso Blog, February 2015.
Dowling, E. (2015): ‘Britain’s Recovery Industry: Profiting from Austerity?’ Open Democracy, June 25 2015.
Dowling, E. (2015): ‘What a Way to Make a Living’ (cover story on financialised capitalism, work and subjectivity), New Humanist, Summer Issue (May) 2015.
Dowling, E. (2014): ‘NGOsin Crisis/Crisis in NGOs – Notes Towards a Collective Reflection’, Association Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia (ICCS) Magazine, April 2014.
Dowling, E. (2013): ‘Vom sozialen Wert. Austeritätspolitik, Big Society und die Krise in Großbritannien’, LuXemburg 1/13: 118-121.
Harney, S. and Dowling, E. (2012): ‘It’s Time that Business Schools Learned to Walk the Walk,’ The Financial Times, May 28 2012.
Dowling, E. and Brissenden, J. (2012): ‘Kicking Off is a Feminist Issue – Interview with Emma Dowling’, New Left Project, February 8 2012. Dowling, E. (2012): ‘The Big Society: The Iron First in a Velvet Glove,’ New Left Project, July 2 2012.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘Social Value, Measure and the Public Services Act,’ New Left Project, July 30 2012.
Dowling, E. (2012): ‘Doing Well by Doing Good – Venture Philanthropy as Route Out of the Crisis,’ New Left Project, September 27 2012.
Dowling, E. and Trott, B. (2007): ‘Bonofikation – Zur politischen Ökonomie von Make Poverty History’, G8 Die Deutung der Welt, arranca! Nr. 36, Fantômas Nr. 11, So oder so Magazin Nr.3, Sonderbeilage zu ak- analyse & kritik.
Dowling, E., Juris, J. and Nunes, R. (2005): ‘The Fertility of Borders: The Caracol Intergalaktika at the WSF 2005’, Red Pepper Magazine Online.

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