Elisabeth Holzleithner
Publications in English



1. Book 

Gerda Falkner/Oliver Treib/Elisabeth Holzleithner, Living Rights or Dead Letters? Compliance in the European Union, Ashgate: Aldershot 2008

2. Articles in Books and Journals

Interrogating Exit in Multiculturalist Theorizing: Conditions and Limitations, in: Dagmar Borchers/Annamari Vitikainen (eds), On Exit. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Right of Exit in Liberal Multicultural Societies, Berlin: De Gruyter 2012, 13-33

Human Rights in the Context of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, in: Manfred Nowak/Karolina M. Januszewski/Tina Hofstätter (eds), All Human Rights for All. Vienna Manual on Human Rights, Wien: Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag 2012, 458-461

Intersecting Grounds of Discrimination: Women, Headscarves and Other Variants of Gender Performance, in: Juridikum. Zeitschrift im Rechtsstaat 1/2008, 33-36

Mainstreaming Equality: Dis/Entangling Grounds of Discrimination, in: Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 14:3 (2005), 927-957

Faces of Discrimination: The Case of Sex Equality, in: Janet Cormack (ed.), Protection against discrimination and gender equality - how to meet both requirements, Report of 2nd specialised bodies experts' meeting, Brussels 2003, 4-9

„Sex“ in Queer Times. Bodies, Policies, Practices, in: Paul Pasteur/Sonja Niederacher/Maria Mesner, Sexualität, Unterschichtenmilieus und ArbeiterInnenbewegung, Wien 2003, 15-26

Piecemeal or Postponing Politics? Equal Rights Laws at Austrian Universities, in: The National Unions of Students in Europe (ed.), The Hidden Agenda - Sexual Violence at the Universities, Vienna 1998, 38-45



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