~1600  Mughal carpets in India

    The carpet  here is a fine and exquisite example of Mughal carpets.  
    1683  Ottoman map    
This coloured pen drawing on paper is an almost square map of Vienna.
17th c.  Ottoman tents
Two Ottoman tents exhibited in this collection impressively illustrate Ottoman craftsmanship and traditional tent art.
    17th c.  Polish Rugs    
six significant examples of so-called Polish Rugs
    after 1691  Blood flag cAlam    
flag of the Turcica Collection of the Heeresgeschichtliche Museum
    17th c.  Islamic metalwork  
Candlestick, bowls and can with peak-shaped spout, 13/14th c. and 17/18th c., Museum of Applied Arts
    17th c. The Portuguese Carpet    
 Its figural scenes are unusual and gave rise to diverse speculations about origin and manufacture
    17th c. Ottoman daggers    
3 Ottman daggers from the Schatzkammer des Deutschen Ordens
    17th c. Jade vessels  
Two jade vessels in the Treasury of the Teutonic Order come from Eastern Iran or Central Asia.