~1500   Mamluk Silk Carpet

    worldwide the only existing Mamluk carpet made of silk  
15-17th c. Iznik pottery
Glazed pottery from the Ottoman periodhas always been prominent among Islamic art objects.
    ~1500   Nizami’s Khamsa  
This precious manuscript comprising 435 pages with red foliation is a copy of Nizami’s Khamsa, one of the most important poetic works of Persian literature
    16th c. Hamzanama  
The Hamzanama, or the history of Hamza, an illustrated manuscript of the sixteenth century represents the first famous work of the Mughal painting school.
    15-17th c.  Ottoman arms  
Ottoman arms from the late 15th  to 17th c. in the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien.
    ~1500  Armour of a Mameluke ruler  
The helmet and breast harness of a Mamluk dignitary represent an outstanding ensemble of the Habsburg collections of weapons and armours.
    after 1500 Big Persian Bowl  
A prominent object of Persian metalwork