Cohomology of groups
SS 2004

Dietrich Burde

Lectures: Tuesday 11:00-13:00, Lokaal 206

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  • Proefexamen. It was discussed on Tuesday, 18/05/2004.

    Exam: Dinsdag 08 Juni 2004. Time: 13:00-16:00


    No. Topic Date ps-file
    1 Testexam 11 Mei
    2 Exam 08 Juni

    Topics in the Exam:

    1. Split exact sequences and group extensions
    2. Factor systems and equivalent group extensions
    3. G-modules and low-degree cohomology groups
    4. Functors, resolutions and cohomology
    5. Profinite groups and infinite Galois extensions
    6. Profinite completions, cohomology of profinite groups
    7. Restriction, inflation and Tate groups
    8. Homology groups

    Veel Succes !!

    If you have questions, please ask me.

    Dietrich Burde
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