David Wallauch-Hajdin

I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna in the research group of Roland Donninger (funding source: FWF project  P 34560) from Mai 2023 to June 2023

I also obtained my PhD at the University of Vienna under the supervision of Roland Donninger.

Currently, I am on parental leave, caring for my newborn.



Optimal blowup stability for supercritical wave maps (with Roland Donninger).
Advances in Mathematics Volume 433, (2023).

Strichartz estimates and Blowup stability for energy critical nonlinear wave equations.
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society Volume 376 (2023).

Blowup behavior for strongly perturbed wave equations (with Roland Donninger).
Journal of Differential Equations Volume 274 (2021), 306–344.

Optimal blowup stability for three-dimensional wave maps (with Roland Donninger).
Accepted for Publication in “Analysis & PDE” [arxiv]


Graduate seminar on Advanced topics in PDE, University of Bonn, June 2023ö
Title: On optimal blowup stability for nonlinear wave equations.

Young PDEs Mini Symposium, University of Vienna, April 2022.
Title: Strichartz estimates and blowup stability for energy critical nonlinear wave equationsö

Master Class Mathematical Physics Seminar, University of Vienna, April 2022.
Title: On well-posedness and blowup in nonlinear wave equations.

Austrian Mathematical Society’s Conference, Dornbirn, Austria September 2019.
Title: Stable blowup for a nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation.


Current teaching
I am currently not involved in any teaching activities.

Past teaching
as problem solving session moderator:

Partial Differential Equations in Mathematical Physics. VDSP Summer School 2021
250152 UE Übungen zu “Lineare Algebra und Geometrie 1”
260110 UE Analysis für PhysikerInnen II

260225 UE Analysis für PhysikerInnen I – Übungen

Past teaching
as tutor:

250016 UE STEOP: Hilfsmittel aus der EDV
250002 UE STEOP: Hilfsmittel aus der EDV
250016 UE STEOP: Hilfsmittel aus der EDV

Additionally, I was part of the MmF Team as a tutor in 2018 and 2019.