David J. Fernández-Bretón, Postdoctoral Researcher
Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic, University of Vienna
Währinger Straße 25, 1090 Wien, Austria

My name is David Fernández1, and I am currently a postdoc at the Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic in Vienna, where Vera Fischer is my postdoctoral mentor. My main research interests are in set theory, especially forcing, large cardinals, and cardinal characteristics of the continuum, as well as their applications to algebra, analysis, and topology. A considerable chunk of my research work has been centred on the interaction between Hindman's theorem and infinitary combinatorics, both in the countable and in the uncountable realm.

Before Vienna, I spent three years as a postdoc at the University of Michigan, mentored by Andreas Blass. Before that, I was unemployed for one semester, but kept doing mathematics (unofficially mentored by Michael Hrušák at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), and before that I was a PhD student at York University in Toronto, Canada, where my supervisor was Juris Steprāns2. Although it is irrelevant, a nice trivia fact is that my Erdős number is 3.

1. My paternal surname is Fernández, and my maternal surname is Bretón; this is a distinction that English-speaking people are not familiar with and therefore they tend to get the whole thing wrong all the time. If you'd like to get it right, go read the relevant Wikipedia article, especially the "forms of address" subsection; basically, don't ever use "Bretón" unless you're willing to also use "Fernández" at the same time.
2. If you're interested in these things, you can check out my genealogy.