LV-Nr: WS&SS 270134(OC-1), WS 270172 (OC-2),  WS&SS 270133(OC-3), SS 270131(OC-4), SS 270019 (OC-5), WS&SS 270130 (Practical Spectroscopy, also for OC-5)


Lab courses, IP, each 6 hours/week, 6 ECTS

Curriculum „Master in Chemistry“

Semicompulsory courses of the Group of modules in Organic Chemistry (OC-1 to OC-5)

Type of course

Lab courses + seminar talk

Prerequisite knowledge

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


Application of synthetic and analytic methods in organic chemistry at the frontier of research.

Mode and content

Individual courses (internships), duration approx. 3 weeks within the time frame 8:00 – 20:00

Participation at new research goals within a workgroup of the departments of Organic Chemistry or Chemical Catalysis,

Possible subjects offered by diverse working groups see: possible research subjects

IMPORTANT: personal application at the respective group leader to define a possible date of the course


Actual literature containing the subject of research. Eventually autonomous literature research inclusive.









Additionally, personal per email to daniel.krois@univie.ac.at (subject:  advanced organic lab courses) giving the following informations

Name, Surname//MatrikelNr.//Kennzahl// Bachelor of science, date// intended modules to participate

Following personal data are not obligatory to give (//adress//telefone//) and will only be used in context of the lab courses if necessary.


It is advised to communicate (per email to Ass.Prof.Dr. Daniel Krois, daniel.krois@univie.ac.at) the subject of the internship and to which module it should be attributed.

Execution oft eh course

Practical work approx. 3 weeks within the time frame 8:00 – 20:00

Record of all experimental work handed over to the working group within 4 weeks

Presentation oft he work with a small seminar talk of 25-20 min, with open discussion.

Dates must be chosen according to the time table of  Advanced Seminar in Organic Chemistry” and communicated to daniel.krois@univie.ac.at giving following informations: Date, title, supervisor and module.


practical performance and literature search, protocol, and seminar talk


ATTENTION: the course must be finished for registration within WS up to April and for registration within SS up to September. Later on no marks can be inserted into the system. In this case the registration for that semester must be cancelled and a new registration is necessary.

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