Cornelia Schadler is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education at the University of Vienna.

Untill 2018 she was Senior Researcher and principal investigator of the project "Family as a Nexus of Material Discursive Practices" at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. In autum 2017 she was holding a Mercator Fellowship at the research group "doing transitions" at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. From 2014 to 2016 she was Erwin Schrödinger Fellow at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. Untill 2014 Cornelia was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. She was responsible for the project "Being and Becoming a(n) (Un)equal Parent" within the consortium FamiliesAndSocieties (funded by the European Commission).

Her dissertation on the topic of transformation processes at the transition to parenthood was fully funded by a DOC-scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She was visiting scholar at the Temple University in Philadelphia, the University of Utrecht and the University of Mainz.


Family as a Nexus of Material-Discursive Practices

Aim: Defining the practices, which build the boundaries between members and non-members of (chosen) family relationships

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Theory paper in JFTR
Methods paper in Qualitative Research

Key Practices of the Transition to Parenthood

Aim: Defining the practices, which shape mothers, fathers and children at the transition to parenthood
Paper in Current Sociology

Becoming and Being a(n) (Unequal) Parent

Aim: Defining the practices, which include parents who share work (un)equally

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  • April 2017: "Mehr Mamas, mehr Papas, mehr Bezugspersonen: Elternschaft in polyamoren Beziehungen", presented at the symposium "Familie von morgen: neue Werte für die Familie(npolitik)" in Berlin
  • March 2017: "Rekonfigurationen von Sozialisationsprozessen aus der Perspektive des New Materialism", presented at the symposium "Sozialisationstheorie reloaded?! Interdisziplinäres Symposium zur Neujustierung einer Theorie der Sozialisation" in Münster
  • February 2017: "Enactments of a new materialist ethnography: analytical but non-representationalist", presented at the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Leuven
  • July 2016: "Multi-Level Analysis with New Materialist Ethnographies", presented at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna
  • July 2016: "Communication and Situated Intra-Action: Entangling Systems Theory and New Materialism", presented with Jasmin Siri at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology in Vienna
  • January 2016: "Transversaltät oder Translation? Radikale Differenz und intra-aktive Grenzziehung in situativen Praktiken" (Transversality or Tanslation: Radical Difference and Intra-active Boundary Making in Situated Practices), presented at the 'Münchner Theoriegespräche' in Munich
  • December 2015: "Mehr Mamas und mehr Papas: Mehrfachpartnerschaften und Kinder" (More Mums and more Dads: Multiple-Relationships and their Children), public presentation at the meetup for critical relationship research in Erfurt
  • December 2015: "Die vielfältigen Körper der Veränderung: Prozesse der Transformation eines Schwangerschaftskörpers" (The Multiple Bodies of Transition: Transformations of Pregnant Bodies), presented at the symposium 'Erfüllte Körper - Inszenierungen von Schwangerschaft' in Bochum
  • October 2015: "Sozialität durch materiell-diskursive Grenzziehungen: Transhumane Körper als Teil von Figurationen" (Social Relationships and Material-Discursive Boundaries: Transhuman Bodies within Figurations), presented at the 10th annual conference 'Sociology of the body and sports' in Hamburg
  • September 2015: "Collective Parenting: Poly Networks and Parenting Practices", presented at the 1st Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference in Lissabon
  • August 2015: "Researching Inequality with New Materialisms", presented at the 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association in Prag
  • May 2015: "Polyamory and Parenting: Practices of Collectivization and De-Collectivization", presented at the conference 'Queer Kinship and Relationships' in Warsaw/Masuria
  • February 2015: "Multiple Bodies of Evidence: Human-Method-Presentation-Intra-Actions", presented at the Symposium 'Body Discourses, Body Politics and Agency' in Vienna
  • September 2014: "Die Abgrenzung von Menschen in Familienbildungsprozessen: Eine feministisch deleuzianische Betrachtung" (The Differentiation of Humans in Family Processes: A Deleuzian Feminist Perspective), presented at the conference 'Materialität neu denken. Materialität anders denken' in Frankfurt/Main
  • September 2014: "Family as a Nexus of Material-Discursive Practices: New Onto-epistemological Foundations for the Definition of Humans and Human Relations and the Consequences for the Definition of Family", presented at the ESA RN13 Interim Meeting 'Family: Continuity and Change', in Vilnius
  • July 2014: "We Have Never Been Individuals – New Materialist Ethnography", presented at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama
  • July 2014: "Standardized Practices at the Transition to Parenthood", presented with with Irene Rieder, Ulrike Zartler, Eva-Maria Schmidt and Rudolf Richter at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama
  • December 2013: "Familienforschung mit New Materialism” (Doing family studies with New Materialism), presented at the Congress of the Austrian Society for Gender Studies in Vienna
  • September 2013: "Etwas mehr Krise bitte! Die Verfestigung der Grenze zwischen Arbeit und Familie und die damit einhergehende Retraditionalisierung von Geschlechterpositionen" (The Solidification of the Boundary between Work and Family and the Retraditionalization of Gender Positions), presented at the Congress of the Austrian Society of Sociology in Linz
  • April 2013: "To Be One and Many. Solid-transforming Bodies During the Transition to Parenthood", presented at the 2nd Mainz Symposium of Social & Cultural Studies 'Practices and their Bodies' in Mainz
  • October 2012: "The Everyday Figuration of Parents and Children during the Transition to Parenthood", presented at the Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) in Copenhagen
  • May 2012: "No Future for Mother Outlaws? Motherhood in Feminist Theory”, presented at the 8th European Feminist Research Conference in Budapest

Show Talks 2008 to 2011
  • August 2011: "Babies First Portrait: From Medicine Technology to Photographing Technology", presented at ICOHTEC conference 'Consumer Choice and Technology' in Glasgow
  • June 2011: "Classified Babies. How Children and Parents Are Fabricated", presented at the conference 'Contested Truths, Re-shaping and Positioning the Politics of Knowledge' in Berlin
  • May 2011: "Becoming Mother, Becoming Father: Subjects, Transformations and the Transition to Parenthood", presented at the conference 'Qualitative Inquiry' in Urbana-Champaign
  • May 2010: "Posthuman Birth: Becoming Parents" presented at the Christina Conference 'Gender, Nature and Culture' in Helsinki
  • June 2010: "Prozessbegleitende Forschung mit Autoethnographie" (Investigating Processes with Autoethnography), presented at the University of Klagenfurt
  • November 2009: "Doing Pregnancy and the Transition to Parenthood: Research from the (Posthumansit) View of the 'Practice Turn'" presented at graduate conference 'Critical Perspectives: Turns, Trends and Theories' in Erlangen
  • January 2009: "When Men Become Fathers: Fathers doing Identity Transition", presented with Claudia Höfner at conference 'Changing Men and Masculinities in Gender Equal Societies', Roskilde University
  • November 2008: "An Autoethnography about Scientific Failure: A Method to Study Social Sciences and Reveal Other 'Unrequested' Influences", presented at the conference 'The Politics of Knowing: Research, Institutions and Gender in the Making' in Prague
  • September 2008: "Fathers Doing Identity Transition: When Men Become Fathers", presented with Claudia Höfner and Rudolf Richter at the interim conference of the ISA Research Committee on Family Research in Lisbon


Cornelia Schadler
Department of Sociology, University of Vienna
Rooseveltplatz 2/3, 1090 Vienna
Phone: 0043-1-4277-48255