Cornelia Schadler is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education at the University of Vienna.

In 2018 she was holding a Back-to-Research-Scholarship from the University of Vienna. Until 2017 she was Principal Investigator of the project "Family as a Nexus of Material Discursive Practices" at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. In autumn 2017 she was holding a Mercator Fellowship at the research group Doing Transitions at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. From 2014 to 2016 she was Erwin Schrödinger Fellow at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. Until 2014 Cornelia Schadler was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. She was responsible for the project "Being and Becoming a(n) (Un)equal Parent" within the consortium FamiliesAndSocieties (funded by the European Commission).

Her dissertation on the topic of transformation processes at the transition to parenthood was fully funded by a DOC-scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. She was visiting scholar at the Temple University in Philadelphia, the University of Utrecht and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.


Entangled Publications

Funding: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)-stand alone project (P 35575 ), duration: 2022-2026 (starting 09/2022)
Focus: The entanglement of publication processes with research design and data analysis
Research Team: Cornelia Schadler (PI), Teresa Kucera (Resarcher), Nathali Köbli (Researcher), Mira Achter (Research Assistant)

Family as a Nexus of Material-Discursive Practices

Duration: 2014 - 2017

Aim: Defining the practices, which build the boundaries between members and non-members of (chosen) family relationships



Key Practices of the Transition to Parenthood

Duration: 2009-2011
Aim: Defining the practices, which shape mothers, fathers and children at the transition to parenthood

Becoming and Being a(n) (Unequal) Parent

Duration: 2013-2017
Aim: Defining the practices, which include parents who share work (un)equally

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Cornelia Schadler
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