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. From this perspective, designing an AER system places us in the position of

designing tools for creating games. These tools can be used to create a playground for

teachers that act as artists who create games for learners. Pictorially we create

brushes and colors that are used by teachers to paint pictures that are shown to the

Learner. Thus the challenge is to design tools for the creation of teaching and learning

processes that open up spaces for creative actions. The fact that the contradiction

between compulsory rules and open creativity is unproblematically solved while

actually playing games shows in turn that the association of gaming for teaching and

learning is suitable. We suggest to provide a metadata system, a learner model and a reasoning

engine as tools to create learning environments. The metadata system allows to

describe different possibilities to learn certain content. It is formulated logically in an

ontology in the (Web Ontology Language). The flexible elements are circled around learning pathways.