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Research Interests

Present Projects

Title Funded by My rôle
PhD program (Doktoratskolleg)
Signaling Mechanisms in Cellular Homeostasis
FWF Faculty member
Special Research Area (SFB)
Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems
FWF Project part PI
PhD program (Doktoratskolleg)
Dissipation and Dispersion in Nonlinear PDEs
FWF Faculty member

Past Projects

Title Funded by My rôle
Modeling of Polarization and Motility of Leukocytes in Three-Dimensional Environments (2014-2018) WWTF Principal investigator
Mathematical modelling of actin driven cell migration (2009-2013) WWTF Principal investigator
Wissenschaftlich-Technische Zusammenarbeit (with France and Spain)
Long-time asymptotics for evolution equations in chemistry and biology (2011/12)
ÖAD Participant
Dendritic snow production (2012) Klimafonds Subcontractor
PhD-program (Wissenschaftskolleg)
Differential Equation Models in Science and Engineering (2001-2010)
FWF Speaker
How do cells move? Mathematical modelling of cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migration (2005-2009) WWTF Principal investigator
Nonlinear Waves in Kinetic and Macroscopic Models (2006-2010) FWF Principal investigator
Marie Curie Early Stage Training multi Site
Differential Equation with Applications in Science and Engineering (2006-2010)
EU Participant + training
committee member
Cubature on Wiener Space (2004-2007) FWF Principal investigator
Nonlinear Waves (2003-2006) FWF Principal investigator
Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations (2002-2005)
EU Participant
Nonlinear Kinetic Modelling in Stellar Physics,
Charged Particle Physics, and Mathematical Biology

Austrian-French Cooperation, Amadée (2003-2004)
ÖAD Coordinator
Fellowship, Dr. Han Zhiqing (2001/2002) ÖAD Advisor
Fellowship, Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety (2002) ÖAD Advisor
Asymptotic Methods in Kinetic Theory
TMR-project (1998-2001)
EU Participant
Mathematical Analysis of Charged Particle Kinetics
Special Semester (1998/99)
ESI Coordinator
Numerical Modelling of Quantum Phenomena and Kinetic Effects
in Semiconductors
, Austrian-Italian Cooperation (1997-1998)
ÖAD Principal investigator
Expansion Methods for the Semiconductor Boltzmann Equation (1996-2000) FWF Principal investigator
Physical Modelling and Simulation of Oxygen Precipitation in CZ-Silicon (1995-1996) ÖNB Principal investigator
Unsteady Flow in Heated Tube Networks
Scholarship, Kedar Nath Uprety (1993-1996)
ÖAD Advisor
Mathematische Methoden zur Simulation von Halbleiterbauelementen (1992-1995) FWF Principal investigator
Strömungssimulation mit Klopfmodell (1992-1993) FWF Principal investigator

PhD Students

Name Thesis Title Graduation Affiliation
Andreas Unterreiter The Switching Behaviour of PN-Diodes in the Case of Low Injection 1991 TU Berlin
Alexander Zwirchmayr Hydrodynamical Limits and Moment Expansions for the Semiconductor Boltzmann Equation 1996 Finanzmarktaufsicht
Kedar Nath Uprety Unsteady Fluid Flow in Heated Tube Networks 1996 Tribhuvan Univ., Kathmandu
Klemens Fellner On two models for charged particle systems: The cometary flow equation and the Burgers-Poisson system 2002 Univ. Graz
Yasmin Dolak-Struss Advection dominated models for chemotaxis 2004 FFG
Lukas Neumann Long time properties of solutions to collisional kinetic equations 2005 Univ. Innsbruck
Vera Miljanovic On two models for charged particle systems: the cometary flow equation and the Shockley-Read-Hall model 2005 UN, CTBTO
Alexander Soreff Pathwise recombining cubature formulas 2007 BA-CA
Dietmar Ölz Asymptotic nonlinear models in mathematical physics and biology 2007 Univ. Queensland
Jan Haskovec Stochastic particle approximation to the Keller-Segel model and diffusive limit of the cometary flow equation 2008 KAUST
Sabine Hittmeir Nonlinear waves in kinetic transport and nonlocal diffusion equations 2009 Univ. Wien
Christoph Winkler A close look at actin driven movement: from image analysis to simulation 2015 CYOSS GmbH
Angelika Manhart Cell movement - zooming in and out 2015 Imperial College
Pedro Acevez Sanchez Fractional diffusion limits of kinetic transport equations 2016 North Carolina State University
Stefanie Hirsch   ongoing Univ. Wien
Laura Kanzler   ongoing Univ. Wien
Gianluca Favre   ongoing Univ. Wien
Julia Delacour   ongoing Univ. Wien and Sorbonne Univ. Paris