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  • 20-12-2017: Congratulations to my former student and PostDoc Dietmar Ölz (Univ. Queensland) for completing his habilitation at the University of Vienna.
  • 13-12-2017: Congratulations to Sara Merino-Aceituno (Imperial College), who is one of two recipients of a Vienna Research Group grant from WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund).
  • 01-10-2017: My former PostDoc Diane Peurichard starts on a permanent position at INRIA's MAMBA team, led by Marie Doumic-Jauffret.
  • 01-09-2017: Welcome to my new PhD students Julia Delacour (DK SMICH), Gianluca Favre (DK NPDE), and Laura Kanzler (SFB TaCo).
  • 08-03-2017: The new DK (PhD program) Signaling Mechanisms in Cellular Homeostasis will be funded by FWF (Austrian Science Fund). This is an interdisciplinary cooperation with the Max F. Perutz labs.
  • 01-01-2017: My former student and PostDoc Dietmar Ölz starts on a lecturer position at the University of Queensland.
  • 01-12-2016: Both the extension of the DK (PhD program) Dissipation and Dispersion in Nonlinear PDEs and the new SFB (special research program) Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems will be funded by FWF (Austrian Science Fund).
  • 28-11-2016: The workshop Recent Contributions of Women to PDEs takes place at the Sky Lounge of the University of Vienna, Nov. 28-30, 2016.
  • 01-11-2016: My former student Pedro Aceves Sanchez joins the group of Pierre Degond (Imperial College, London) as a PostDoc.
  • 26-09-2016: Congratulations to Pedro Aceves Sanchez, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis.
  • 01-04-2016: My former student Angelika Manhart joins the group of Alex Mogilner (Courant Institute, NYU) as a PostDoc.
  • 23-11-2015: Congratulations to Angelika Manhart, who has successfully defended her PhD thesis.
  • 01-09-2015: Welcome to Gaspard Jankowiak (PostDoc at RICAM) and Diane Peurichard (PostDoc in the WWTF-project on leukocyte motility).
  • 12-06-2015: At the Parcours der Forschung of the Campus Festival 2015 of the University of Vienna (June 12-14, 2015), we present our research under the title Das Immunsystem - Jagd auf Eindringlinge. One attraction of our stall is the new computer game Bacterial Invaders, produced in cooperation with the Research Group Entertainment Computing of Helmut Hlavacs (Computer Science, Univ. Vienna).
  • 29-04-2015: Congratulations to Christoph Winkler, who has successfully defended his PhD thesis (reporters: A. Mogilner (NYU), A. Stevens (Univ. Münster)).
  • 30-09-2014: Following Alex Mogilner, my former student and PostDoc Dietmar Ölz has moved to the Courant Institute of NYU, taking along his Schrödinger Fellowship.
  • 02-06-2014: The Vienna Center for Partial Differential Equations (speaker: A. Jüngel, deputy speaker: C. Schmeiser) has been started with the workshop Advances in Nonlinear PDEs: Analysis, Numerics, Stochastic, Applications.
  • 22-10-2013: Our project Modeling of Polarization and Motility of Leukocytes in Three-Dimensional Environments (cooperation with Michael Sixt (IST Austria)), submitted to WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund) in the framework of the Life Sciences call New Ventures Beyond Established Frontiers, will be funded (680 kEuro). It is one of 7 projects approved out of over 120 preproposals and 30 full proposals.
  • 15-10-2013: My PhD students Stefanie Hirsch, Angelika Manhart, and Pedro Aceves Sanchez have become student members of our DK (PhD program) Dissipation and Dispersion in Nonlinear PDEs.
  • 27-06-2013: Congratulations to my former student and RICAM PostDoc Dietmar Ölz, who receives the Schrödinger Fellowship of the Austrian Science Fund. He will spend the coming two years with the group of Alex Mogilner at UC Davies.